Monday, January 31


thought of the day:

you gotta make 'em in life.
here is why:

CASE #1.
one day. twinny & i went to red robin.
we met a nice waiter.
his name is Jason.
he goes to school at Paul Mitchell.
he liked us.
he gave us lots of free food, smoothies, drinks.
he told us to come get our long hair done.
we said we don't do or get our hair done ever.
pluuus, we're but poor, lowly college students.
so he said he'd pay.
so we went.
best. damn. scalp. massage. ever.
he spoiled us.
then we went back to RR later that night with all the roomies.
there were strawberry lemonades right before jas & my eyes right when we sat.
then more free food.
then free sundaes.
and the roomies were probably jealous.
but we shared, don't worry.
then we got a free to-go box with the bessst fries around.

CASE # 2.
we ventured down to vegass.
twin & i met some friends.
they took us to their penthouse.
[don't worry, we had a male mutual friend, so we were safe]
paid for food, drinks, everyyything.
we just hung our for hours.
they were quite fun. 
they taught us portuguese & french.
even as beautiful as all the girls were from brazil & such, 
they complimented us left & right.
the guys told us they were moving to Utah for good girls like us to wed.
[i told them i had a boyfriend from the get-go & the respected that more than anything]
we then went to another suite. 
more food & hot robes & slippers. 
twas heaven.
plus our house maid, Irena, from poland, was a dollll.
she said i was too exotically pretty to be from utah.
i liked that.
i like being spoiled.
i should probably become a celebrity just for that treatment.
bottom line to making connections:
be nice.
guarantee, had we been brats, none of this would've happened.
pluuus, since we've been treated so nicely, we've been even more sweet to others.
so lots of people have been way sweet in return.
so really, its just a big circle of niceness.

suite # 2

 once in a lifetime oppurtunity i thiiiink.

2 floors. 5 bedrooms. 4 baths. unreeeeal.

 water bed roooom :)

winding staircase. yep.


view from ceasar's palace


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