Wednesday, January 5

t r o i s.

 a picture or description of your favorite place in the world
somewhere you visit daily or at least fairly often.

this one was rather difficult.
there is a plethora of places i love to be & often go.
like bear lake. sand hollow. san diego. etc.
BUT.  i realized that though those places are lovely, 
they are  n o t h i n g without the people i love.

so i've come to this conclusion:

my favorite places in the world happen to be humble homes.
houses where best friends, parents, a boyfriend & siblings reside.

  mom & pops' house :)
salt lake city, utah.

not that you can even see mi casa very well, but i found this cute picture of some of my family.
this home has been the only house i'd ever lived in up until a few months ago.
 i have every memory within those walls. since it was built in 1908, it has been owned by Hennefers :)
also, my parents own the house next door, behind & next door to the one behind. my mom [emergency preparedness queeeeen] says its for when times get hard so our family can stay close. one house for each child & their family.
i love the idea of that.

numba  n i n e
st. george, utah.

modeled by my gorgeous twin, this is the first place of my own.
it is definitely a haven for us. and the fact that i come home to the 4 cutest girls in town make it all the better. we always have people coming in & out starting at 3 pm - 3 am.  its just the place to be i guess :)
 PLUS, 9 is my favorite number. so i kinda think it was meant to be.

D's house
draper, utah.

this is most definitely my 2nd home. movie nights, sleep overs, family parties, babysitting.
 i love how derek's cute mom decorates for every season, big or small. she has a knack for interior design, a talent that my D has defff picked up on. his room [decorated by just him], is probably the cleanest & well decorated boys room i've ever seen.
sometimes, he's so orderly & ocd about which pillow goes where and how a table should be placed that i call him girlfrienn.
i'm sure you can only guess how that one goes over with him.

annnd there you have it.
there really is nothing better than
home sweeeeet home

- little

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Kristyn Elise said...

Ahhhh....I haven't seen you family in so long. Your mom is still lovely and your daddy is soooooo grey! I love your mom and dad so much! Tell Matty that I love him too...he is still so adorable and wow does he have chest hair :)
(who's behind you?)