Tuesday, January 25


what are they & why do i have them

first things first--this is my all time favorite. it all started with Derek & my pops. my fam was in New York &  i'd always be on the phone with D telling him all our adventures, so he started recapping my stories with titles like "Little in the Big city" or "Little: abandoned on the subway". It was a big hit. so now that's almost the only thing pops & clay call me. 

nubbin / nub.
it all started when the girls in # 9 were hanging a mirror up. Sierra passed by and said she'd like to see her face..not just her chest & neck. so it was adjusted. then little haylie passes by. she couldn't even see her forehead. and thus nub came to be. 

snooki / snooks.
tiny? check.   sassy? yep.   crazy? possibly.   long hair? mmhmm.   tan? you betcha.
gotta love some snooks. oh ps. pretty much only boys call me this. that has to be a good thing for clay? obvi he has no competition if that's how boys think of me 

ohhh mother dearest. i think she has 'buyers remorse' with the name haylie. she has called me 20395438 different names since i was born, including veronica & susannah [what the hell, right?!] but hally seemed to stick most. now in college, my roommates will hear the shrill sound of 'HALLY!!!' through my phone  & they love it. so it has stuck with them as well. even in 100% serious conversations, i'll often hear
"but hal, what should i do?"
its kinda funny how it really is my 2nd name.

this one is inexplicable. the boy just started calling me that one day. when i asked, he said i just remind him of one cause i scrunch up my nose when i dislike something or smile too hard. so bunny it is.

aye bay bay / bay.
this was my high school nickname. from that one annoying song, remember? well hay bay turned to bay which turned into aye baybay. my favorite boy in the whole wide world, daniel claflin still addresses me from his mission with this particular title :)

reeeeally really like this one. its more than just a pet name, i'm referred to it as an actual name by derek clay :) its my favorite thing in the world to hear something like "do you know where my book is, lovely?" i think its just darling.


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