Friday, September 30

lo siento.

sometimes i think back to times when i've been mean, whether intentional or not, and feel sad. I'm not a mean person at heart, i'm just really opinionated and brazen. all jokes aside, i think i have napolean complex. like really. cause what i lack in height, i make up for in attitude. my mom sometimes says she's surprised people even like me. she's clearly my number one fan.
i looked back at some of my blog posts and realized something.
 i'm a brat.
especially this post. not that i want to draw attention to how rude i can be.

so i just have this to say:

if you don't write or use correct grammar on the reg. 
i'll still talk to you all day.

if you enjoy running in a sports bra and spanks.
congratulations on your great bod and 60-story high self esteem.

if you hate animals.
just don't hurt them, and we'll be just fine.

if you like 'skyscaper' by demi levato.
i'll only decline your offer of mixed tapes, is all.

if you have fake hair.
it probably looks better than my real hair. so cheers to that.

if you wear kitten heels, flip flops or other not-so-fave shoes of mine.
at least you're lucky enough to own shoes.

if you tell me that your night was an 'epic fail'.
well.. i'll just censor that phrase out of my mind. try as i might, that one still gets me.

and if i've ever offended anyone, cause i'm sure i have, let me apologize via funnies.
 after all, that's my favorite pinning board on pinterest.

i'm dying. i can't even handle how great these are. 

apology accepted? knew it. 
nothin' a good laugh can't fix.

- little

Wednesday, September 28

my life in quotes.

"I can decipher your personality through your handwriting, wanna see?.. Looks like you are a happy and optimistic person that can't keep secrets and have a bad case of OCD"
"well that's scarily accurate"

" Haylie, please. You don't even know what compromise means. Tell me the last time you compromised anything" 
'duh. that's easy. I let us go to Chipotle instead of Barbacoa. see? compromise."

"umm.. did you know you have a huge butt? and boobies."
 "uh, did you know that you're 5 and that's inappropriate?... but yes. you've already told me 3 times. thanks."

"Are you guys drunk like me?!"
" this is just us on an average day"

"Next time i go the plastic surgeon, i'm taking you so they can give me your nose"
"next time i need to feel good, i'm coming to you"

"You have a very young face."
"you can probably attribute that to my young age. really young. baby."
"just say you're at least over 18?"
"far too young for you, my friend"

i have some solid conversations throughout the span of a week. 


Thursday, September 15

nanny : 101

do: play make believe or 'tickle monster' with them for hours.

dont:  take them to toys r us. they don't understand the concept of 'window shopping' thus resulting in draining your money.
do:  braid little b's hair at every chance. and play dress up with her. its like a living barbie
 (dream come true)

don't:  go to bed late. their sleeping in is 7:05. helllll.
do: have your hot bf come along.. cause he's just a very large child anyway

don't: be too concerned when they start ferociously biting one another. consider it bonding time.
do: take a hundred and 2 videos/pictures of them
don't: forget to hit up the barbie aisle to encourage (or enforce, whichev) their love for the best toy in the world.
do: let baby b sit on the counter as you do your makeup. and explain that not all makeup is "yip goss"

don't: fret when you decide to watch a disney movie..after they're already in bed
do: laugh when henry tells you he's 'pretending' to smoke a cigarette cause "its safer this way"
don't: let henry use a hose on his own. ever. your clothes won't dry for hours.and he'll just laugh.
do: let them dress themselves. even if that means a superman shirts and cowboy boots. 

do: invite them to come cuddle with you after they wake up. it buys you an extra 15 minutes of sleeping
don't: go with your bf and the kids in public. people will stare and ask about being a family while so young. 

do: be on the sidelines so that henry can run straight to you when he gets hurt on the field
 don't: expect them to listen. ever.

do: sneak a picture of D and henry amidst an intense game of 'toy soldiers'

come to love 2 little kids unless they're as cute as these two.


Saturday, September 10

all natural birth control.

 this is my weekend of nannying.
 or in other words, all natural birth control. 
 i've received a lot of weird looks while out. 
i sorta wish i could wear a sign around my neck saying "i swear i didn't get pregs as a tween, and then again before graduating high school. pinky swear."
 anywho. while little girl is napping, henry and i hit up the photo booth.

good lookin' people.

this little face melts my heart.

nanny abuse.

 best yogurt in all the world. try it. you'll understand.

wish me luck.


Saturday, September 3

things that might shock you:

derek and i live 2 minutes apart. (for the first time in 3 years)  i work almost every day of the week. i'm ready for winter (weird). i like to save money now (also weird). i get on fb like 1-2 times a week ( really weird - but it's okay, i'm convinced its just a phase). i'd rather read a good book than go out, as of late. i like running ( still baffles me) i get excited for class. 

maybe these things are just absurdly shocking to me.

anyway. this song?  i just can't stop.