Sunday, November 28

Thankful Turkey.

its been a wonderful but busy week & 2 days i've spent up in salt lake,
& though i'm late, i still want to list a few of the many things i'm thankful for in life :)

extra large so they are readable :)

umm..cutest thing you've ever seen? yep.
thank sierra or siesta (according to her milk containers)
she put this up for us a few weeks ago and it has convinced me of a new tradition i will be starting annually.
seriously, not joking when i say i have the cutest roommates!!

in the year 2010, i am thankful for:
my family.
home cooked meals.
christmas decorations.
my car.
fresh laundry.
a home.
best friends.
family game night.
ollie baby.
big brothers.
homemade hot chocolate.
new clothes.
a good cry. 
snow(to look at from the inside).
living in a no snow climate.

Just to name a few from the top of my head.

with love.

Thursday, November 18


[please note: the straw]

Have you started your day out right?

with love.

Wednesday, November 17

Love birdss.


You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
-Dr. Seuss

I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world. 
i am in love.
treated like a princess.
by a boy with a heart of gold.
though we succumb to the fights and arguments of the average relationship, 
NOTHING could come between us. 
He is handsome as could be. 
and we live in our own world when we're together. 
i AM the luckiest girls in the world, 
cause i'm in love. 

with love.

Friday, November 12

Upon request :)


She's our little Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart of the house.
upon living at #9, she's whipped up homemade coconut cupcakes, peach pie, rosemary lemon chicken, whole bran muffins, and many more.
NOT to mention her uncanny ability to decorate. Our humble abode can be mostly attributed to her skill. 
Yes, it makes us less-than-creative specimens feel a little bit smaller [QUITE a feat for me :/ ]
But i can't say i mind.
 After all, thanks to Kylie Michelle Harrison, our apartment is the envy of the villas!
what with our NYC landscape, the curtains[may you rest in peace], the rugs, etc.
It just takes the cake when it comes to cute :)

As if i haven't named enough talents, Ky is incredible at sewing and clothing decor. 
She has THE CUTEST style, in which she puts together all herself.
My personal favorite is how she hand paints her sunglasses.
she is one of the most talented girls i know.

In conclusion she cooks, cleans, sews, decorates, bakes and atop of that, she is absolutely GORGEOUS.
Mr. Ra is a lucky new zealander ;)

with love.

Wednesday, November 10

bloggers block.

 This is update day, yet i have no subjects in which to expound upon.
buuut, when all else fails, i know ONE person in which to write about.
and we allll know she'll feel this is well deserved.
this is the one and only JASMINE ORTON.
 [no need to scroll up&down lookin for your name this time, slore!]

This girl is my twin in almost every way. We think, act, talk, and just are the same. we even have the same work and school schedules- in the same classes and at the same job, even. We know what the other is thinking, because we know what WE are thinking, and its bound to be the same.
In all honesty, i was surprised that i liked her as much as i did [as we learned on a fateful vay-vay trip]
Here are the examples:
-we are good girls, with a little bit of a rebellious streak, as we learned the first week of school with our peircings.
-we LOVE big words. if its commonly used, its not good enough.
-we thrive off attention. we're attention slores if you will. 
-we're vain. but its okay, cus its just funny. 
-sometimes, you'll catch us start the same song, at the same time, at the SAME part. that's twin magic.
-we get jealous V E R Y easily,  but at diff kinds of things. [she'll prob try to deny this. but roomies can attest]

Like i've said before, i reeeally love my roomies. NOT just jas, but all. She is just quite a character, therefore she's just fodder for such a blog.  

and the best part is that she'll talk about how she's my favorite for the next month because of this blog. remember how we're vain? yeahh. we take these things seriously. 

LOVE my twinny :)

with love.

Tuesday, November 9

A u n t i e Haylie

Just last night i was informed that i'm going to be an AUNT!
i lovelovelove babies and kids, not to mention pregnant women. 
i honestly think they are beautiful
There's just nothing cuter that that.

Pregnancy is truly a miracle. 
Its common enough that its forgotten sometimes, 
but if you sit & think about how incredible it is, its amazing.
Two people create a replica of themselves.
That baby is half of the one person you love most and half of yourself.
No wonder the love of a parent is so immense. 
I'm SO excited to have another little Hennefer running around :)

with love.

Friday, November 5


Can't live without:
i go through at LEAST 2 gallons a week. self explanatory.
Lola the Corolla.
yeahh, i named my car. what of it? i recommend these cars to anyone. they are so reliable, cute & i can get from st.G to slc on a H A L F tank! 
its always obvious which cup is mine, my colorful bendy straws stick right out of them. i don't know why, but i hate touching my mouth to cups. so these are THE BEST invention in my opinion.
i'll admit it, i reeeally love coffee. the taste, the smell, everything. after going to bed at 2 and working a 6 hour shift in the morning 4 times a week, i rely on this stuff.
straight up granny. i love to do lists and couldn't survive without my planner. its the only way i can de-clutter my mind and feel accomplished while doing so.
 i NEED these. i have naturally bright red lips [which i hate] so i need my smashbox glossy in bubblegum pink or my maybelline pearly lipstick.
whether is be sunshine by vs or sensual romance by b&bw, i ALWAYS have body spray present & its subtle so it just becomes your natural scent :)
lovelovelove my comp. work would be torturous without such entertainment. i'm on it like every second. and in my defense, at least like 25% of the time is for homework. so its not a complete waste of time!
of the 7 days in a week, i wear dresses at least 5 of those days. my closet is ALL dresses. they are just easy and comfortable to wear :)
cliche, yes. but i went 2weeks without one the beginning of this semester&its so difficult. especially when you're 5 hours away from the people you love most. 

Can't live with:
people with tude.
i hate when people are just rude to you for NO apparent reason. especially at work. i'm cleaning your damn sweat and being beyond sweet to you, and all you can do is act like i'm your subordinate. 
i couldn't even see the Last Song cause of her. her voice, her face, her premature sex appeal. ughh. they just rub me the wrong way. 
don't you hate when you text someone a question and they just don't respond cus they conveniently forgot of didn't have their phone? we all know you saw it. [ahem, JASMINE]
ew. ew. eww. working at a tanning salon, that is pretty much the only kind of man that comes in. i'd only worked like 3 days & this guy asks if i lost weight. k first of all? way to make me feel fat, dumb ass. and second- i've worked here 3 DAYS, how is one supposed to see a difference. lastly, THANKS, but i already have a 50year old in my life, i call him DAD.
hair extensions.
yeahh, not gonna lie, they buggg. like every girl in the world has them now. so i'm ALWAYS being asked if my hair is real. um DUH! just grow your own hair out!! 
bejeweled clothing.
sickk. i hate clothes you can see flashing from 20 feet away. or those jeans with HUGE  pocket designs and stitches. no wayy. Buckle is the instigator in this problem, and i will happily never ever shop there.
football hair.
what is that you're hiding under there? goes along perfectly with those bejeweled clothing wearers. this is a style i shall never understand. and why is it so popular in like sandy&murray and the small places?
animal abuse.
i seriously hate this. i cry at those animal adoption commercials & even give serious lip to people at the dog park for it. i even defend the moths that come into our house at night that everyone tries to smash & when swimming, i save all the bugs :) its kinda getting a little out of hand, but someone's gotta do it!
grammar mistakes.
I'm not so much bugged at the people who make them, just the fact that they're made. Even the genius i am at english [my twin, jasmine, can attest to this factoid], i can make a mistake here and there, or forget how to spell a word. rare, but it happens. there IS a diff between THEIR THEY'RE THERE TO TOO YOUR & YOU'RE. 
public sport bras.
k reeeeally? you needed to go running in 75 degree weather wearing only a bra? or even at the gym. i'm sorry, but did you want some attention or something?

with love.

Thursday, November 4

the story.

I have THE sweetest parents. The cutest boyfriend. The funnest friends. The perfect dog.  The happiest life :) 
Here are the highlights:

Mom&Dad.  They are still in love like they just started dating. They are my biggest idols when it comes to love and relationships. They've been keepin it strong since 5th grade :)


DerekClay.  I think my feelings about this boy are quite evident. 3 years and i still can't get enough. ONLY he could put up with my attitude, jealousy, hyperactivity, flirtatiousness, overly obnoxious and importunate self. 

Living our very own fairy tale every single day <3

GinnyLisette.  We just get each other. in our own world 98.9% of the time, and laughing 100% of the time. Anything is fun with this one. ASIANS, we may never understand.

Jane&I adorned in very fitting costumes. I swear like a sailor, she's a NINJA turtle.

TheRoomies.  I've heard that having roommates can be hell. But not in my case. i've never loved a group of girls so quickly. We get along PERFECTLY. All bringing a little something to the table.

Just #9 and our favorite D4 boysies :)

OlliePop.  Yes, this is her real, full name. She is my  b a b y.  i'm absolutely besotted with this punk. While 300 miles away, i miss her the very most. 

with love.

Firsty first :)

So happy i finally have a blog :) i've been wanting one for yeeears, but i always felt too childish. Though i'm still just as juvenile, i've embarked upon this journey once and for all! It actually is an oh-so-subtle implication towards my cute little roomies to jump on this band wagon so we can document our epic lives together, and seeing as i'm the head honcho of # 9 (my impressive stature clearly indicates this fact), i'm left to pave the way for them. Hope all goes well! Welcome to the life of LITTLE <3

with love.