Friday, November 12

Upon request :)


She's our little Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart of the house.
upon living at #9, she's whipped up homemade coconut cupcakes, peach pie, rosemary lemon chicken, whole bran muffins, and many more.
NOT to mention her uncanny ability to decorate. Our humble abode can be mostly attributed to her skill. 
Yes, it makes us less-than-creative specimens feel a little bit smaller [QUITE a feat for me :/ ]
But i can't say i mind.
 After all, thanks to Kylie Michelle Harrison, our apartment is the envy of the villas!
what with our NYC landscape, the curtains[may you rest in peace], the rugs, etc.
It just takes the cake when it comes to cute :)

As if i haven't named enough talents, Ky is incredible at sewing and clothing decor. 
She has THE CUTEST style, in which she puts together all herself.
My personal favorite is how she hand paints her sunglasses.
she is one of the most talented girls i know.

In conclusion she cooks, cleans, sews, decorates, bakes and atop of that, she is absolutely GORGEOUS.
Mr. Ra is a lucky new zealander ;)

with love.

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