Thursday, November 4

the story.

I have THE sweetest parents. The cutest boyfriend. The funnest friends. The perfect dog.  The happiest life :) 
Here are the highlights:

Mom&Dad.  They are still in love like they just started dating. They are my biggest idols when it comes to love and relationships. They've been keepin it strong since 5th grade :)


DerekClay.  I think my feelings about this boy are quite evident. 3 years and i still can't get enough. ONLY he could put up with my attitude, jealousy, hyperactivity, flirtatiousness, overly obnoxious and importunate self. 

Living our very own fairy tale every single day <3

GinnyLisette.  We just get each other. in our own world 98.9% of the time, and laughing 100% of the time. Anything is fun with this one. ASIANS, we may never understand.

Jane&I adorned in very fitting costumes. I swear like a sailor, she's a NINJA turtle.

TheRoomies.  I've heard that having roommates can be hell. But not in my case. i've never loved a group of girls so quickly. We get along PERFECTLY. All bringing a little something to the table.

Just #9 and our favorite D4 boysies :)

OlliePop.  Yes, this is her real, full name. She is my  b a b y.  i'm absolutely besotted with this punk. While 300 miles away, i miss her the very most. 

with love.

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