Thursday, June 30

tweet tweet.

i don't do the whole twitter thing. not my cup of tea. but once upon a time, i joined that little world, so tonight i checked it out of curiosity of what 'high school haylie' did with her life.  i was better off before i checked.

here's what i found:
first (and only) post:   i neeed a job
followers: 2.  (my best friend and a ghetto stranger)
following: 1.  (ashley words)

as the twitter world would say #i'msoembarrassedtobeme


like a puzzle.

seriously, i just wrote a novel of all the things that have happened in the past 2 days. but i then decided i should make this reader friendly. so i deleted it all. i'm so nice to you readers. 
all 3 of you.

- i decided to apply to a bank for the great money and benefits. quickly created a resume and filled out the application. hours later, i got a call for an interview.

- i had a photo shoot for a friend. i was a little concerned cause though i love a good picture, i can be as awkward as a newborn horse - random - but it was the funnest 5 hours of the week.

- derek may or may not have made one of the biggest decisions of his life last night. who knows what the end result will be, but i'm so proud and happy for him :)

-derek also rescued a baby bird. its hideous but somehow precious all at once. his name is stanley. and stan knows derek's voice and freaks out for food when he hears it. derek is such a BFG. (big friendly giant, for those of you who aren't fortunate enough to know that reference )

- had my interview today. i was great. as expected. but even if i end up not getting it, 2 hours afterwards, i found out i have a choice to become a paralegal, office administrator's assistant or receptionist to a new law firm. my choice. i'm guaranteed the job.

um.. could i get any more lucky? cause i doubt it.

look close, cause this is Stanley Wiz Killough.
wiz, cause he's 'black and yellow'
derek is so clever.

 this is a bathroom pic. get over it.

this is one of the pictures from the shoot.
i was a hippie. 
cause i'm sure you couldn't tell.

needless to say, that last few months of tedious, hectic, stressful life decisions are all coming together seamlessly. i must be doing something right in life.

- bay

Sunday, June 26

quality food. good times. great people.

i loved this week. 
let me tell you why:

 in lieu of Go Skateboarding Day 2011, i spent a good part of my day at the skate park with mister. in a dress and wedges, no less. i stuck out out like a sore thumb. course i didn't mind that. but it just reminded me of wayyy back in the day. when i was so excited to be with derek that i would, collectively, spend hours there. and now, though i don't mind being supportive, i'm quite glad he's not such an avid skater as he was then. oh and also. it endorsed my theory that skater boys are the hottest boys.

i attended the arts festival with my brother and his friends. it was incredible. i also learned that sometimes, i'm the most antisocial person there is. unless i literally run into someone, i can't muster up enough motivation to talk to people i know. isn't that sad? i need to work on that. given, this is only for those people that you know, but don't really know. anyway. i love salt lake. ohhh so much.

our pretty little valley.

got into a huge argument with derek. lasted like..15 minutes. then i gave him the silent treatment -real mature, right?- then sat him down and told him this, verbatim, " i love you. but you bug me. and i've never met a person who makes my blood boil so quickly. and that i want to hit so badly." in which he evenly replied, "me neither". and then we moved on from arguing. that night, he nannied with me. the little girl was awake a total of 2o minutes while i was there, and i got paid $90. the remaining time was filled with eating, a whole shelf of every magazine possible, and tv. best job ever? i'd say so.

 we had a little picnic in their basement. sitting indian styled and all.

this day:
went to the Bay Leaf cafe for brunch. i got stuffed french toast with berries. HEAVEN. now i'm relaxing in bed. i'll probably take a nap. then later tonight i'll watch the Kardashians, drop dead diva and jerseylicious. ohhh, how i love sundays. 

if you have yet to dine here, i highly recommend it. 
they even serve beverages in mason jars. 
which, in my opinion, is the best thing to drink from.

-haylie h

Wednesday, June 22

s h r e d d e d

summer is the one season where you are busiest doing nothing. 
therefore i've come to the conclusion as to why it is so hard to blog. because i'm doing so much and i have no time, yet when i get a moment to myself i realize that obsessing over your bogo babies (buy one, get one free nieces) or visiting j-dawgs (best hot dog place in the world- and i don't even like hot dogs) twice a week doesn't give you so much fodder for a good post. well, that and the fact that i'd rather not publicly announce how often i do nothing. so instead of write of what i do, ima write about what what i think.

  • i want this and these. it's all i've thought about the last couple of days. and coincidentally, i'll be out of work the next 3 weeks. meaning i probably won't get it anytime soon. also meaning it'll eat at my brain until i do something absurd. like sell lemonade on the corner to earn the money. i did make mad money doing that when i was younger.. 

  • when it comes to this fall, i'm at a complete loss. whereas some people refer to themselves as 'torn' in a decision making process, i feel more like i'm shredded. by reading my blog, i'm sure you've caught on to the fact that i must have a plan. NO spontaneity in this stubby body whatsoever. so now, instead of my picture perfect plan of attending uvu with derek, ginny and jas, i don't know whether to go to uvu, u of u or slcc. and if i stay in salt lake for school, whether i should move out or not. and if i move out, if i should get a very time consuming job at wells fargo and take night classes or what. needless to say, it stresses me every single day.

  • and lastly, i want a change. weird. i know. i am strongly opposed to change. but i think i want to do something to my appearance. i feel like i still look identical to my high school days. and that does nothing to help the fact that i suffer from a height deficiency. but i have a friend who owns her own salon (she's only 18, it's unreal) and said that i should go darker and get some gloss thing done so my hair is real shiny. i personally think i would, if anything, like just a few highlights in my hair. once again though, i'm torn. i don't know if i should go dark, lighter or just be natural. cause i like natural. 

SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED. actually, encouraged. maybe even begged for. i'd love to hear input on any of these subjects. 

hope the rest of you are having a happy summer!


Sunday, June 19

papa's day :)

happy father's day
to thee cutest pops around. 

{ i bet my dad is cuter than your dad }

never have i met a man more patient, loving, humble, righteous, intelligent, funny, hard working or perfect than mr. hennefer.  i'd be happy to find a man one sliver as great as he is.

thanks for being my best friend, pops.
i'm forever grateful for the impact you've had on me & the boys.
we're so lucky we have you as a dad.


Thursday, June 16

call me crazy.

am i so mean that i cannot stand the whole puckered or kissy lip epidemic? while meandering through weheartit, i just started laughing at how many girls rely on it to 'look good'- or so they think. i mean, its not like i haven't been a victim of this trend crime, but i am in so much of awe that people actually continue to make this face. that being said, there are few exceptions, emphasis on the few. 

 1. my brother has huge lips ( hate him for that) but i find that most of his facial expressions look like he's trying the puckered look.  i assure you he isn't. and on that same token, when i give attitude, i have a certain elvis-esque lip raise that alludes to the fact that i am puckering. and again, i assure you, i'm not.

2. when this look is applied to a silly moment or picture, it can be cute. maybe even pretty when paired with deep red lips. there is discernment only to the trained eye.

bottom line. in my somewhat pontifical opinions, there is a fine line between a trying-to-look-good puckered lip or a i'm-being-silly-what -of-it puckered lip.  it can take a pretty girl and turn her in a joke in a matter of seconds. like this girl below.

 the 'i pucker cause i'm hot' look.

the 'i pucker cause i'm bad ass' look.

the 'i pucker cause i'm posing with a puppy and that's only normal, right?' look.

the 'i pucker cause i can' look.

though this is that little attitude look i was talking about, there is DEFINITELY some pucker in that face. who was i trying to fool? 
anywho, this one is called the 'i pucker AND look away cause i'm so myspace chic. DUH. ' look.

 now. i will end with this one. rosie is silly, therefore i find it okay. but candice, she's looks a smidgen too serious about her pucker. in all honesty though, these girls could make whatever faces they wanted to. cause they'd still be prettier than the rest of us. 

- haylie h.

Wednesday, June 15

i have a new name. its called AUNT.

my identical little nieces were born yesterday.
annnd.. i'm obsessed. 

welcome to the world,
 Lili elle & zoey sophia!

it is unfathomable how much you are already loved. 

- offically, aunt haylie.

Saturday, June 11

thou shall not covet? ooops.

i wish i were her.
          and that i could steal those shoes.
                                           cause i would.




Friday, June 10

let's play catch (up)

the day you decide to start blogging again after missing at least 4 consecutive days, is the worst. you never know where to begin, whether or not to say everything or highlight a few things. and for someone as verbose as myself, its especially hectic cause i can talk talk talk (write write write) all day long without a break. BUT. i have to clean my room. so here i am. trying to put off the inevitable. again.

lately, i spend a good majority of my time working. my days are filled with chasing two crazy kids, laughing at their comments like, "haylie, you talk too much and sometime i don't really like that", and busily visiting the tracy aviary, jump around utah, water fountains and countless parks. i enjoy every bit of happiness and all natural birth control they bring to me.

other great quotes: "tell mommy i can ride my bike cause i fixed the doorbell" (the doorbell was in 3 pieces when i looked)  "there was one black mouse and one white mouse. i fink the black one was chocolate" (after seeing two birds eat their lunch)

my day off this week brought me to mapleton, utah (yet another town i've never visited in all 20 years of living here) for a camping trip. it was a ton of fun even though twas just me and 4 rowdy boys. i wish i could say that i'm considered 'one of the boys' but i'm definitely not. instead, i spend most of the time worrying and admonishing them for being too loud and insisting they respect wildlife, setting up their beds and getting food ready. so really i'm just the mom of the group. it's whatever.

after camping, we lazed out with ben & jerry's and watched Blue Valentine. first of all, that movie was very risque. we got quite and eye full on that one. but it was one of the cutest/ saddest/ most real movies i've seen. even though i haaate crying in front of anyone, i had silent tears for the whole last 20 minutes of the show. in my defense though, its my 'free pass of illogical emotions' for the month. AND, the movie only made me that much more scared of divorce.

my brother and sis in-law are now my official neighbors. remember how my dad bought like every house around us? well this is one of them. and robbie and alyssa were smart enough to find a house where there are full-time, obsessed, new grandparents right next door for when they need a break when those little girls are here. also, its fun to play a sister/neighbor role. needless to say, i bug them a lot.


Sunday, June 5

evidence of God's humor & creativity.

 maybe its cause of their big eyes. or the way they bend down when they drink. maybe even cause they always have a smile on their little faces and the best facial expressions ever. or cause they hug, nuzzle and kiss one another. could be cause they remind me of ollie in some odd way. or cause i have a theory that their ancestors were the brachiosaurus (long necks).
 who really knows? either way, i am obsessed with these unique and lovely creatures.

now, go ahead. just try and tell me you don't feel the same way. 


Saturday, June 4

loves, as of late.

frizzzzz. i love it. that may have to do with the fact that i don't brush my hair, so i'm subconsciously trying to persuade others into thinking it is by design, not disaster. we'll never really know. i also reeally like curly bobs. if i had real curly hair, i'd rock that for suuure. there is nothing cuter, in my opinion. but alas, i have long, straight (ish), awkward hair that won't do much more than a sam-bun or sitting flat on my head.

coral. i think i have color A.D.D. because way back in high school, my favorite color was mint green. then coral my sophomore and junior year, mint the last few and now coral again. which to most, should come as a huge shocker, cause mint was like an all encompassing obsession of mine. i love that coral is such a popular color now too, because it really is the prettiest for nails, lips, dresses and shoes. so there is never a shortage of it. and if i've even gone so far as to change my blog color theme- you know its a big deal. oh, and second runner up for new favorite color? mustard.

angus & julia stone. ohh, my word. i'm in the deepest form of love with these guys. their voices are just pure. plus, they have a harmonica. how very splendid is that? the song below is probably one of their most popular, one of my faves as well. except i really have to warn you, this music makes you love more. so if you are in love, perfect. however, if you aren't in love.. it may or may not forcefully remind you that you are single. i d'know. all i do know is that i'm being annoyingly reminded that i haven't seen mister in almost 2 days. and he's even bugging me right now. and that, my friends, is called powerful music. not much finds its way through the cracks of my obstinate armor. 


lyrics. i love any and all songs that refer to a girl in such phrases like 'you drive me crazy' or 'you're a pain in the ass' or anything along those lines. oddly enough, those lyrics are found in many a song. i just find it adorable. i think we all know why. cause, really, i'm just hard to handle. but i find that to be quite a charming quirk about myself. and the person who can deal with that for the rest of their lives is a real gem. also, i think some of the cutest couples you will ever find are those overbearing and opinionated (but sweet) old women with their precious, quiet and humble little husbands who adore everything about their wives ( bob & suz, maybe?). i want that when i get to the velcrow-shoes-stage in life.


Wednesday, June 1

the peaks and the pits.

already, today has had its fair share of ups and downs. let me start at the beginning.

 my good friend, the sun, has decided to come back to town. he's welcomed with open arms.

 i had to transfer 300 dollars into my father's account today. it was devastating.

peak -
 i curled my hair this morning. i can do that now. its a miracle. i've suffered through yeeears of non-doable hair  and now i can finally have pretty curled hair like the rest of the world.

pit - 
my dresses are getting shorter. which means 1- i'm getting taller (not likely) 2- i just am more aware now that i live with my parents (pretty likely) or 3- i'm getting wider (very likely).

peak/ pit -
 i purchased two new pairs of shoes today. they are beautiful and exactly what i've been looking for. (that's the peak part) BUT. they are the exact same pair, just different colors. because i have a problem where i  buy  multiples of something i like. which means if i ever end up not liking it in the future, i have to hate it times 2 or 3 opposed to one. (pit part)

 i got in my very first car crash. more like love tap. but i was stupid and didn't get any information from them (my car had absolutely no damage, theirs had MINOR teeny tiny bits of damage) so though i should be grateful, i lost my collision v-card this day. 

 brother and i went on a brother sister date. all i gotta do is send him a text saying "treats and other things?" and we're off, where he spoils me with anything from drinks, dinner or clothes. he da best. 'cept sometimes he forgets we're not just best friends and goes into a little bit more detail than a lil sis needs. which is probably why i have a sailors mouth, dirty mind and a tough exterior. having only brothers does that to a girl, despite how very girl i am.

i think its safe to say this day was quite a roller coaster, but at least it started AND ended with a peak.

- litttle