Wednesday, June 1

the peaks and the pits.

already, today has had its fair share of ups and downs. let me start at the beginning.

 my good friend, the sun, has decided to come back to town. he's welcomed with open arms.

 i had to transfer 300 dollars into my father's account today. it was devastating.

peak -
 i curled my hair this morning. i can do that now. its a miracle. i've suffered through yeeears of non-doable hair  and now i can finally have pretty curled hair like the rest of the world.

pit - 
my dresses are getting shorter. which means 1- i'm getting taller (not likely) 2- i just am more aware now that i live with my parents (pretty likely) or 3- i'm getting wider (very likely).

peak/ pit -
 i purchased two new pairs of shoes today. they are beautiful and exactly what i've been looking for. (that's the peak part) BUT. they are the exact same pair, just different colors. because i have a problem where i  buy  multiples of something i like. which means if i ever end up not liking it in the future, i have to hate it times 2 or 3 opposed to one. (pit part)

 i got in my very first car crash. more like love tap. but i was stupid and didn't get any information from them (my car had absolutely no damage, theirs had MINOR teeny tiny bits of damage) so though i should be grateful, i lost my collision v-card this day. 

 brother and i went on a brother sister date. all i gotta do is send him a text saying "treats and other things?" and we're off, where he spoils me with anything from drinks, dinner or clothes. he da best. 'cept sometimes he forgets we're not just best friends and goes into a little bit more detail than a lil sis needs. which is probably why i have a sailors mouth, dirty mind and a tough exterior. having only brothers does that to a girl, despite how very girl i am.

i think its safe to say this day was quite a roller coaster, but at least it started AND ended with a peak.

- litttle

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Sierra Seninger said...

It's always a good day when one is offered "treats and things." My brother has yet to grasp this concept. I wouldn't worry about the shorter dresses, obviously if your hair is curling and you're giving money to your parents, your dna is currently being altered, it's fine. You stopped my heart with the car bit, but I'm glad Lola is okay! Love you little :)