Wednesday, June 22

s h r e d d e d

summer is the one season where you are busiest doing nothing. 
therefore i've come to the conclusion as to why it is so hard to blog. because i'm doing so much and i have no time, yet when i get a moment to myself i realize that obsessing over your bogo babies (buy one, get one free nieces) or visiting j-dawgs (best hot dog place in the world- and i don't even like hot dogs) twice a week doesn't give you so much fodder for a good post. well, that and the fact that i'd rather not publicly announce how often i do nothing. so instead of write of what i do, ima write about what what i think.

  • i want this and these. it's all i've thought about the last couple of days. and coincidentally, i'll be out of work the next 3 weeks. meaning i probably won't get it anytime soon. also meaning it'll eat at my brain until i do something absurd. like sell lemonade on the corner to earn the money. i did make mad money doing that when i was younger.. 

  • when it comes to this fall, i'm at a complete loss. whereas some people refer to themselves as 'torn' in a decision making process, i feel more like i'm shredded. by reading my blog, i'm sure you've caught on to the fact that i must have a plan. NO spontaneity in this stubby body whatsoever. so now, instead of my picture perfect plan of attending uvu with derek, ginny and jas, i don't know whether to go to uvu, u of u or slcc. and if i stay in salt lake for school, whether i should move out or not. and if i move out, if i should get a very time consuming job at wells fargo and take night classes or what. needless to say, it stresses me every single day.

  • and lastly, i want a change. weird. i know. i am strongly opposed to change. but i think i want to do something to my appearance. i feel like i still look identical to my high school days. and that does nothing to help the fact that i suffer from a height deficiency. but i have a friend who owns her own salon (she's only 18, it's unreal) and said that i should go darker and get some gloss thing done so my hair is real shiny. i personally think i would, if anything, like just a few highlights in my hair. once again though, i'm torn. i don't know if i should go dark, lighter or just be natural. cause i like natural. 

SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED. actually, encouraged. maybe even begged for. i'd love to hear input on any of these subjects. 

hope the rest of you are having a happy summer!


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