Thursday, December 29

i heart jeffrey.

it was just a jeffrey campbell kind of christmas. 


Sunday, December 18

music to my ears

it's like a mix between Lights, Anni B Sweet and some Passion Pit. 

i love alex w.

best of the best. 


Wednesday, December 14

early christmas presents

i had a splendid surprise last night when i got 100% on my final.
then to add to that, i got a call from the boy who had an interview while i was at school.
in that short period of an hour, he had the first, then second interview, and was then told he was hired.

so, being the perfect girlfriend that i so obviously am, i made him (but, also me) a celebratory dinner. 
lemon garlic pasta with sauteed mushrooms and shrimp. 
you can be impressed, cause i sure am.

and even though he will now be making almost double what i make, 
and i'm actually really bitter about that, i am so proud of him :) 

and he ain't bad on the eyes either.
even in his 'holiday card' pose.

but even more so while cuddling with the punk.

i like him.
 i like him a whole lot.


Saturday, December 10

greetings from the 3 coolest kids in town.

haylie. anne brady. henry

"haya, you shouldn't have any toys cause you are supposed to be a grown up... 
but i know you're really just a kid"


Monday, December 5

sometimes i get grinchy, but usually i'm nice.

angry elf:

i hate colored lights. especially ones with purple and blue. purple and blue aren't christmas colors. 

i loathe the abbreve 'X-mas'. so much.

i think christmas light nets thrown over bushes are terrible. TERRIBLE.

SANTA! i know him:

i really like homely christmas trees. they melt my heart and all of a sudden their homeliness takes on some sort of personification and i want to be friends. 

identical nieces in holiday apparel; don't even get me started. 

i think fireplaces are divine.

its cute seeing little cars hauling big trees on top.

steamers are the yummiest.

my favorite is hearing christmas songs by the best bands. (see below)

i like being as pale as a goose and not minding. for once in my life. 

and finally, wearing the puffiest northface i can find, ensemble sweats, a scarf wrapped up to my nose and hideous old boots from high school. looking that good and going in public. i don't even care.

this song makes me the happiest.