Monday, December 5

sometimes i get grinchy, but usually i'm nice.

angry elf:

i hate colored lights. especially ones with purple and blue. purple and blue aren't christmas colors. 

i loathe the abbreve 'X-mas'. so much.

i think christmas light nets thrown over bushes are terrible. TERRIBLE.

SANTA! i know him:

i really like homely christmas trees. they melt my heart and all of a sudden their homeliness takes on some sort of personification and i want to be friends. 

identical nieces in holiday apparel; don't even get me started. 

i think fireplaces are divine.

its cute seeing little cars hauling big trees on top.

steamers are the yummiest.

my favorite is hearing christmas songs by the best bands. (see below)

i like being as pale as a goose and not minding. for once in my life. 

and finally, wearing the puffiest northface i can find, ensemble sweats, a scarf wrapped up to my nose and hideous old boots from high school. looking that good and going in public. i don't even care.

this song makes me the happiest.

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