Thursday, November 24

milo boy.

Once upon a brisk morning, there lie a small girl in her giant bed.
as she heard someone walking up the stairs to her room, she was instantly peeved.
for this girl liked sleep just about as much as a bear. possibly more. 
she scowled and raised her eyes over the blanket to see who the intruder was.
eh, it was just her best friend. he could jump in the covers for all she cared,
for she was going to sleep more, regardless of what he did.
but the sleepy haze wore off as she noticed that balled up blanket in his arms move.
the fact that he had a balled up blanket in the first place hadn't really dawned on her as odd yet.
but the moving part awakened the most obnoxious and obvious personality flaw of hers called curiosity.
for there are only a small number of items that are bundled in blankets and wiggle around.
just then, the light blue eyes of a sleepy puppy peeped out and made a precious yawn. 
which meant that at the crack of 11, she was fully awake. a real weekend rarity. 
and guess what? she wasn't even that mad.

this is milo.
 i named him.
 mostly because i thought ollie and milo sounded cute together.
 derek tried to name his own dog.
 cool names like olympus, apollo, cronus and even his last name, killough, but spelled kilo.
 cause everyone mispronounces his last name.
here's a hint: (key-low)

 but somehow (not really, we all know why) the name milo persevered.

and guess what erinn? i even let him lick my face. with his pungent little puppy breath. 


 and while we're on the subject of pooches. ollie got in trouble last week (she kept eating my socks) so i put her in timeout. she took it really seriously. stayed there for 10 minutes. sneaking some peeks every once in a while.


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