Wednesday, March 30

new leaf.

"if you judge people, you have no time to love them" - mother teresa

   when i'm at work, i'm friendly of course, but sometimes its not much more than the "work friendly" that i'm being paid to do. when i'm at church, i usually just stick to my close friends so we can take turns drawing pictures of gangsters to get us through the 3 hours. and when i'm with the girls, i'm just so happy to be with them, i become all encompassed by them. 
   i don't often realize this, but a few things have proven it to me lately. to start with, jessica & tehya are our new best friends. they are at our house everyday (jessica has her bedding, her mac, and her zelda/ N 64 there at all times-her 3 most prized possessions, i'm sure) we have group naps together, we do each others makeup, share clothes, just everything. last night, being the weird girls that we are, jess and i were pretending to "be" one another. so between her picking up her phone for "derek" and exclaiming "we shouldn't date, we're not boyfriend & girlfriend, okay? k i love you!" and me getting all up in her face, pouting from boredom, or intensely "playing" zelda we realized HOW quickly we'd become such good friends. 3 months before, we hardly even knew who one another were. 
   i asked her what her first impressions of me were. she said she was intimidated because i was more involved with my close friends than anyone else. that also made me think about work. when i go out of my way to be nice, people treat me so much differently. they are full of compliments, stories and smiles. 
   it also reminded me of conversation sierra and i had on the way home from the grocery store the other day, where we established that you really don't know a person until you go out of your way and actually try. this was pertaining to all our friends down here, from matt, who used to drop the F bomb every other word, but has now changed so much that he is in the MTC starting this very day. jess & tehy, who we figured would just stay at the formal acquaintance level, or even me, who everyone thought was gonna be reeeally reserved and very straight laced. but i surprised them all and i'm so happy that the people in my life have taken time out of theirs to actually learn that.
   my goal from here on out is to do that for others. i always try to refrain from judgement, and something that helps the most is thinking that somewhere in this world, this person has a mother, father, best friend, boyfriend and sibling that love them more than life. and if i'm too stuck in my ways to figure out why they are loved, then its MY fault, and i don't deserve that friendship in the first place.  i'll tell you what, its NOT easy.  but i'm trying. and i want to come off as kind and friendly, not intimidating at allll. you just never know how much your smile can lift someone else, how much one small conversation can help them in a time of need. 

PS. so ironic that i just wrote all this, because right as i finished that last sentence, a cute older woman with hair in pigtails on top of her head and little girl bangs walked in. she was loud, crazy and maybe a little bit off, but the sweeetest and funniest little lady i've ever seen come in here. she told me how badly she wanted my watch, how she just quite smoking,  how she's gained 40 pounds, about a new gym down here that i should go to, and how she's been an emotional wreck lately. ALL of that within 10 minutes. she just lit up my day.  not my usual kind of friend, but a friend none the less. some people just surprise you :)


Tuesday, March 29


once upon a time, 
20 years ago from this very day,
a baby with unnaturally long limbs was birthed from her mothers womb.
she had the biggest, prettiest eyes that her parents had ever seen.
at age 3, she was already the house sass. 
but everyone loved her, of course
at age 5, she met a curly headed little nub named haylie.
they were fast friends. 
by age 10, she was the size of a 15 year old
and even though her & her nubby friend (who still hadn't grown much bigger )
grew distanced from one another, there was always something there.
then the giantess and her tiny minion lived with each other at Dixie.
that is where they became the bessst of friends.
nubbikins would be lost without her giantess.
those legs for dayyys,
those beautiful, big brown eyes that Little just loooves doing her makeup on,
those sweet letters she writes that makes ones day,
how she always sticks up for her littlest friend,
and make sure people hear her,
cause her voice is often overheard due to her altitude deficiency.
Sierra Kathryn Seninger has a heart of gold.
she is the best relief society president,
the best roommate, sister, friend, daughter
just best PERSON that i know.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sie!!!!


Friday, March 25

the enddd.

dirty thirty.

  • i'm a little native american. like legitimate ute indian blood running through my veins. given its 1/8 but whatev. my great gramps settled Hennefer, Utah & found himself a pretty little indian bride while he was at it. i love that that is such a big part of my heritage. 
  • my hair is the easiest hair in thee world. i don't curl, straighten, or hardly blow dry it. just hop out of the showe, throw on some product and i'm done. i know. i'm freaking lucky. plus i've never died it and my last hair apt was a year ago? i just need someone to take me under their wing in this department!!
  • i made my mother promise me at a young age to never throw my barbies away. so now, after  a 15 year accumulation, we have one whole room dedicated to every one of my barbies. clothes, houses, cars, accessories. EVERYTHING. sometimes, i still go in that room & just wish for those days to be back.
  • i named my car. its lola. and i talk to her like i talk to ollie. i baby that car too much. probably cause i pay for it myself
  • i blush too easily. so embarrassing.
  • i always think people's relationships will work out, even against all odds. i'm very optimistic with love.
  • i used to hate tanning. i'd been under ten times in my life until i started working at a tanning salon..let's just say my views have now changed.
  • i brush my teeth in the shower. i normally wouldn't share this cause it doesn't seem weird to me..but apparently its bizarre to people. but if you try it, you'll love it. its extreme multi-tasking.
  • my blood boils when i see animals being mistreated. i once saw a magician that was so ridic that i almost took a stand and called animal services. 
  • i have the smallest hands you'll ever see on a person over 8. its unreal
  • coins are my favorite in the world. i have piggy bank that counts it. so far i'm at $50 and its only 1/4 filled.
  • i'm not big on texting. like once people get me into a convo, i'll get bugged if i'm not replied to. but i hardly start conversations. unless with jasmine. our conversations are the best. just check our fb wall to wall if you want evidence.
  • my kids will only be named cute yet very different names. i feel that names are a big part of someone, and sharing a name is just no fun.
  • as i've said in previous blogs, i'm obsessed with birdcages, mirrors, picture frames & candles. my house will be filled.
  • you can expect that anywhere i will be sleeping, Bankie, my baby blanket will accompany me.
  • confession: i've been known to pee my pants if i get to laughing too hard. not a big deal at all.
  • i can talk to my dad about periods & womanly things and it'd never get awkward. we're besties. he's the best man i know.
  • i'm a mirror hopper. when i'm getting ready, i bounce from every mirror in the house. it usually goes: my room, hallway mirror, my bathroom, the girls' bathroom, kylie's room, the kitchen mirror, seirra & jas's mirror, then back to mine.
  • my parents usually only swear when they are around me. even though pops is the stake pres. yeahh..i'm a pretty good influence.
  • i love my body and all, but i'd really like it if i was just tiny with no boobs or butt. i think that'd be cuter for my little size.
  • i'm quick to anger but the first to forgive. i do not hold grudges.
  • even though i love a good swear, i will NEVER say the "G" word. i think its of utmost disrespect.
  • i can't sleep unless i'm wearing next to nothing. def not pants. my husband will be lucky
  • people often mistake me for 5 foot 5..but only cause i wear 5+ inch heels a good majority of the time
  • i'm as stubborn as a mule. derek's newest pet name for me is his "little punk ass" ahh. such a charmer.
  • i looove freckles. i wish i had more. they are thee cutest.
  • i often get my way giving people the "ollie eyes". actually, mostly just derek. but i can get anything using them on him :)
  • i HATE that every time i smile, my stupid tongue finds its way to the corner of my mouth. ughh. so annoying.
  • my parents taught me long ago that eyebrows make or break a girl. so i never went through one of those junior-high-TERRIBLE-eyebrows stages. i consider myself blessed.
  • i sing in the shower like no ones bidness. sierra calls me an ipod shuffle cause i go through tidbits of about 50 songs in the duration of one shower. 
  • i say y'all. if you make fun of me for it, i might need my space from you for a bit. both my parents went on missions in the deep south and the family i've nannied for for the last few years are straight from Georgia. so yeah. its become habitual.
  • because i'm so short, it makes me really uncomfortable when people are around my same height. BUT, i have this delusional problem where i think i'm eye level with people, and i get all proud of myself, just to be shot down cause i'm still like 3 inches shorter. even with the heels. breaks my stupid heart. (that last sentence was for you, sierra, my sass sister and giantess!! hahaha)

prettty sure that's not exactly 30. whatev.

if you've read these last 30 days of Hay, really, i love you.
you're great in my books.


Wednesday, March 23


who are you.

i am haylie suzanne hennefer.
i need attention like i'm 2.  i look like i'm 9.  i'm as mature as a 15 year old boy.  i can't wait til i'm 21.  
i always think about who i'll be at 30.  i'm as responsible as a 43 year old.  i speak like i'm 72.
i'm all me, through and through. though that hasn't always been the case. 
i haven't always had a firm hold on who i am and what i want. but this last year has been one of learning & improving myself. not a version of other people. 
i'm a smart girl that has made many stupid decisions in my almost 20 years. 
every single day, i try to learn something new about myself, fully uncover what this little body was sent to earth for. 
i'm loud yet quiet when intimidated. i'm happy but easily irked. 
i love makeup, dresses & high heels but have no qualms with a night in- sweats on, makeup off, hair up. 
i enjoy meeting new people & friends, but i am very selective with my close circle. 
i'm full of attitude, but i'll only dish it out if i know you can take it.
its bad, but when someone is mean to me (dirty looks or harsh words) i instantly dislike. on the same token, being nice will change my mind almost as quickly. let's all just practice the golden rule.
when i love someone, i love them with my whole heart and nothing can come between it. 
i'll never act ditzy & dumb to get a boys attention. why? because i'm a far cry from either of those. 
i cannot stand straight up rude people and if there is an underdog in any situation, i will go to great lengths to make sure that person feels like someone is backing them up. even if it means going against a best friend or family member. 
i believe in experiences. i think they teach better than anything else, even if they aren't always the best decision.
in movies, i always root for the animal to live or be okay over the human. terrible thing, that is.
i've become more genuine than ever before in my life. i won't try to be someone else for you. if we click, we click.
my family is my constant. i would do anything for all of them. i got immensely lucky.
i'm impatient as all get out. i do not like waiting on people in any form.
i'm a laugher. i'll love you the second you bring a smile to my face. BUT i can't courtesy laugh.. so if you're not funny, i'm sorry, but i can't fake it. that doesn't mean i won't like you any less.
i was raised to be responsible. so in most of my duties in life, i'd say i can handle them in a mature manner.
i am very set in my ways and i do not like change one bit. but i'm trying. 
my mood can be changed by music, so i rely on it a lot. 
like any other girl, a simple compliment will brighten my day & win me over.
i look for the best in people, not the worst. i don't try to pick them apart for things to dislike.
everything i do, its for me. that may sound selfish, but there is no other way to be true to yourself.
i respect people, especially my elders.
i'm a very hard working person. since 16, i've had a job and paid for my own clothes, activities & outings. 
i make it a point to be grateful. especially when i'm being negative. i look at what and who i have in my life, and i let people know. this works especially when in spats with a certain boy.
i love smiling. smiling is my favorite. you can call me buddy, the elf.
i'm a nurturer, a mother figure to most of the people in my life. i take on others responsibilities as my own. like waking them up for work, making sure they are on time to things and that they are on top of their duties. 

over all, i feel like the luckiest girl alive. i cannot stress enough how wonderful life is. i have so much room for improvement, in many different aspects, especially church & my obedience level (it has depleted greatly) but i kinda think life is perfect. i have best friends who keep my abs strong with laughter. i have a family who treats me like gold & makes me feel like a blessing to them, even when i know its the other way around. i have a boy who loves me more than i deserve, future with him or not, i'll always love him too. i have everything i could ask for and everything to be grateful for.

it really is a good life.


Tuesday, March 22


just apartment 9's new love.
favorite song/vid of the day.

waaant him.


Monday, March 21


2 confessions.

          i've almost planned my whole wedding. do i know the groom? no. do i know when it'll be? course not. yet, almost every detail is worked out. this is the ultimate confession cause its just so embarrassing that i'm one of those girls. i won't go into full detail of every plan, but the main components are vintage tables, chairs & china in cream, mint green and a third color, which could be eggplant purple or an orangey coral, it changes from day to day.  it will be an outside wedding in either spring or fall. there will be lights in all the trees & at the entrace table, an abundance of varied  old school birdcages ( i have an odd obsession), dozens of candles of every size and in assorted candelabras, an area to watch our vid of all our many pictures with different chairs of every color & shape, along with a blanket to sit on with fun pillows everywhere.  pale pink & white barely-bloomed peonies are my flowers and they will be in large bundled balls on every table & everywhere you look.  my dress will be a mermaid styled dress with a collar of sorts & tight elbow length sleeves. my hubs suit will be a cute dark gray and a mint green tie, of course. i'll be wearing bubble gum pink lipstick. the ushe. my hair will probably be down, cause i'm sorta known for it. you could say its my trademark since way back to the elementary days. plus i'm hidioso with my hair up.  annnd since i'm confessing.. i've already picked out my children's names. but we won't get into that.

        i've been trying to avoid this at all costs, but recently i've realized more than ever the hard reality of myself. besides the long hair & lady lumps,  i'm a boy.  i love a good hook up (used to). the last time i was single for like 4 months, i had a string of boys to call when in need. i'd have some take me on dates, get the free food, jazz tickets & a little lovin, then never text or call them back. i have one of the dirtiest minds. the boys agree. i can make anything inappropriate. i swear like a sailor ( as you all know by now).  i'm more down to get down than the average girl. so i've heard. and recently, i've discovered that i'm scared of commitment. i feel almost suffocated by the thought of a relationship. don't get me wrong, love the boy to death still, but i just feel like i want to date around more. cause its been 3 yeeeears. before i met D though, i'd never get attached. i'd string boys along,  often being called a heart breaker. weird. but like really?  i was born into the wrong gender.  there are some good things about this, but for the most part. i want to be a sweet, lovely little lady. like emily from the bachelor.  i'm working on it. but i'll tell you what, its not easy. 
disclaimer: even being partially made up of boy mentality, i still get attached. cry at movies. get ovvvverly emotional at ridiculous things. AND i'm still a good girl. my List of Kissed is still under 10 :) and that down to get down stuff? its clever, but i assure you its not literal. 


Sunday, March 20


even if you dislike listening to the songs i post, you must listen to this one.
its from the kindness of my heart that i share it with you.
if mad or sad, it changes my mood the second i hear it.
it gives me butterflies. its the happiest song ever.
i grin ear to ear the minute the chorus starts.
its my 2011 spring-summer tuneski.
i am obsessssed.

perfume of choice.

to start off,  my car was broken into fairly recently & the little thief decided to take alll my jewlery and perfume. so some of these i no longer have & am too poor to purchase for a while. but they are still dear to my heart. and nose.

good day sunshine by victoria's secret. 
this is my summer smell. ( i can't use my sprays outside of their chosen season for some reason) i stocked up on this last summer & its pretty much all i smelled like. this makes the wait for summer THAT much harder. its my happy smell :)

i love love by moschino.
the name is cute. something i often say. this smell takes me back to my high school days.
i wore this before i had seasons to my perfume, so there isn't a specific time period i can label it as.
pretty sure its good for any time though.

pure seduction by victoria's secret.
ahh my signature spring smell. the first time i sprayed this this year it was like i was all the way back in mexico again. i love how smells can transport you back to a precise time & place. 

viva la juicy by jc.
even though this is an extremely popular scent, i will forever love it. this is derek's go-to present for me. which suits me just fine. 'cept he had JUST bought me one when it got stolen from my car :( pissed me right off.

the beat by burberry.
besssst smell in the whole entire world. i also don't currently own this but its whatever cause kylie has it so i can just enjoy it through her. whenever she comes out of her room smelling like it, i get a little crush on her. we try to conceal this from derek. 

midnight fantasy by britney spears.
this is my winter smell. its THE best scent the ms. spears has produced. i commend her for such a creation.

this was a pretty tough decision seeing as i have 2 huge AND full buckets of every perfume ever made. really though, i will wear anything. i love yummy smells :)


Thursday, March 17

heyy there.

to start off, i have a minute -as in small, not time wise (mine-yoot)- obsession with this song. don't know why, but i love it.

i feel that those little day to day tasks & encounters that you don't think twice about are what make life so happy and fulfilling. i may sound redundant, but i just feel like i have such a good life. i'm so happy & yet its nothing short of hectic. these are the examples i've found in just this week:

-- clay and i are THE MOST on & off couple of the centch. its like clockwork. people can plan their months around the status of our relationship. its funny cause we are around so many diff girls & boys on a daily basis, but whether we're "single" or "taken" for that time, it never changes whether we flirt, kiss, date or want anyone else. we just don't. try as we might, we can't fall out of love.

--i've almost completed my compilation of spring & summer music. so far, it is the best ever. i tend to be extremely stingy with my music, cause i hate for it to be overplayed -especially by tweens who don't quite understand the depth, therefore ruining it entirely for myself- but i feel that if you like me enough to read my blog, you should reap some benefits.

--i haven't worn my retainer in dayyys (which really means a year or so in my language), so now i am and one tooth is throbbing terribly. i also sound like a nerddd with my little lisp. which proceeds to make me giggle every time i talk. (even if just to myself. psycho? perhaps)

--i'm breaking out like craaay. which drives me nuts. 

--for the life of me, i can't seem to get in shape. i'm ashamed. today i thanked derek for loving me AND my extra poundage. i thought it was just funny but he got offended & gave me this huuuge lecture on how it doesn't matter what i look like, beauty isn't defined by weight, etc, etc, etc. 

--baby anne brady is growing like a weed. she is sassy as can be & she is talking up a storm. she calls my dad "bab" for bob. my mom is also her "mommy"(suzanne might be too hard to say). ollie is "awh-lee" and i am "hi-ya" or "hi-lah". plus, doing her hair & getting her dressed are two of my favorite things in the world.

--my brother, matthew, is my best friend. i could spend all day with him. he, derek & i all went to sushi last night. i was blessed with so many wonderful male figures in my life. and on that note, my dad is my very best friend. to hear us banter back & forth is probably the most entertaining thing ever.

--i seem to miss derek more when he's half an hour away rather than 5 hours away. weird. it puts a whole new perspective to "so close, but so far away".

--mother dearest recorded me while attempting to have family home evening cause i'm so stubborn & argued away. not at anything they were teaching, just about the lengthiness of the lecture. she said i'll apologize one day. i laughed & rolled my eyes. if i have daughters anything like myself, i know i'm in for a trip to hell and back.

-- the other night, D & i got into an argument about the end of the world, technology progression & religious views of this day. we were both quite heated. we are too stubborn for our own good.

--modern family & the office brighten my week. 

--my parents are hilarious and so adorable. every time i hear them laughing a room away, i smile to myself because they have such a perfect relationship. and i mean PERFECT. i've seen them fight maybe 5 times in my 19 years. i want to have that when i'm older. derek says i'm lucky to have parents that love and respect each other as much as they do their kids.

--i may or may not have a bias of sorts, but i'm pretty sure ollie is the cutest dog there ever was.


Friday, March 11

newest addish.

meet chuck.

contrary to what her name alludes to, she's a girl. we just couldn't tell at first. 
and we are all obsessed with chuck bass.
but we still call her by that name
'cept sometimes we call her charlie.
or chuckles.
or chuckarama.
or chuckle.doodle.doo.
or chuckster.

it all started when jesssca went to the tanning salon jasmine was working at.
little miss charlie came right up to her in the parking lot.
then slyly snuck through the door as jess walked inside.
jasmine, of course, loved it.
then chuckles followed her into the actual tanning room.
[i admonished them for allowing such funny business]
chuckster had no collar, long nails & look neglected.
so she became our new roommate for a night.

she takes action shots.

she does tricks.

she comes into my room to wake me up in all my puffy eyed, makeup-less, morning glory.

she has ears for years that we love to death.

and gives the best kisses around.

we called the animal shelter & found that someone was looking for her.
so we gave her back yesterday.
but we're still hoping the mean guy on the phone [her owner] doesn't pick her up.
cause then we'll be the best parents a pooch could ask for.

i miss her already.

we love our chuckle doodle doooo! 


Tuesday, March 8


i love my twin. so very much. 
last night we were both upset about various issues.
so we talked & talked. 
we made pro/con lists to every little thing.
[cause making lists is my favorite]
i even used the my first ticonderoga pencil my mom got me for college.
that made us laugh.
then we laughed more cause its hard for us to be serious together.
& after, we were happy.
then we got hyper. 
so we stayed up until 2 being our silly little selves. 
taking endless pictures. 
they're a treat to look at.
so feasts your eyes.

 things like pigtails, matching sweats, jugs o' gatorade & glasses
are among those little things that bring the most joy