Friday, March 11

newest addish.

meet chuck.

contrary to what her name alludes to, she's a girl. we just couldn't tell at first. 
and we are all obsessed with chuck bass.
but we still call her by that name
'cept sometimes we call her charlie.
or chuckles.
or chuckarama.
or chuckle.doodle.doo.
or chuckster.

it all started when jesssca went to the tanning salon jasmine was working at.
little miss charlie came right up to her in the parking lot.
then slyly snuck through the door as jess walked inside.
jasmine, of course, loved it.
then chuckles followed her into the actual tanning room.
[i admonished them for allowing such funny business]
chuckster had no collar, long nails & look neglected.
so she became our new roommate for a night.

she takes action shots.

she does tricks.

she comes into my room to wake me up in all my puffy eyed, makeup-less, morning glory.

she has ears for years that we love to death.

and gives the best kisses around.

we called the animal shelter & found that someone was looking for her.
so we gave her back yesterday.
but we're still hoping the mean guy on the phone [her owner] doesn't pick her up.
cause then we'll be the best parents a pooch could ask for.

i miss her already.

we love our chuckle doodle doooo! 


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