Wednesday, March 2

just a call.

the past 2 days were miserable
for many a reason. 
but i've kept most of it in, as i always do.
which just puts me on edge for every little thing.
but last night, after almost a full day of listening to music alone in bed.
i finally got to get it all out.
i bawled to derek for 40 minutes straight.
i told him about my terrible anatomy test scores.
about my fears for someone i love to death.
how i missed my ollie.
about how my severe stabbing pains are now occurring daily.
how my blood has boiled a bit lately.
how i hate being away from him when he's the only person i need.

and he told me..
that i'm an idiot for being too stubborn to go to a doctor. 
to promise him i'll go this week [ i'm still not going to]
that there is no use crying about school, but rather do something about it.
that radiography is still a good idea, cause i'll look cute in scrubs & nikes.
to let my blood simmer & let things blow over.
to not live in fear of what could happen.
about when he heard an ollie bark & missed her too.
that he can't wait til i move back so we can progress.

and he told me how he is madly in love with me.
that he has been from way before the ollie voices & before we were old enough to understand it.
ever since those last few months of his sophomore year.

its funny how just one call & a few inside jokes can erase every bit of sadness within.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

umm.. ms. hay, i need to have a chat with you, because apparently i didn't know the extent of your worries! :/ my love, i am always here for you! but i am so glad that your love was able to make you feel better. what a blessing our boys are in our lives! i love you!