Monday, February 28


someone you'd switch lives with for a day.

my first thought to this prompt was mah gurl shakira. 
as far as i can tell, she's the cutest celeb in all the world.
buut then i realized that i wouldn't really wanna be a celebrity cause at the end of the day,
i'd just hate my life of actually have to pay for stuff
(even though they could afford just about anything. ridic)
& nobody outside a 5 mile radius knowing my name.
SO. i've decided.
if i were to switch lives with anyone, i'd become a BOY.
doesn't matter who, just a clean cut, normal, cute boy.

i've always wanted to know if girls really are "walking pornography"
why the hell halo is so great.
what they talk about when girls aren't around.
umm..what's its like to.. "enjoy" a girls presence. G rated enough?
jump off things & somehow have the time of their lives.
eat anything & everything. then some more. and look good.
go shirtless whenev.
see the world from a whole foot higher.
have short hair.
 look at my girl self why in boy mentality & see what "boy me" thinks.
have a flat chest. mine came early, i've forgotten.
see why they think abnormally large muscles make them cooler.  it doesn't.
simply slip some nikes & a hat on and look damn good.
to pee annnywhere.

  reasons & pictorial evidence as to why being a boy would be superb.
that boy in the first 2 pics is a baaabe without trying. not fair.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

Boys really are so dang lucky. And they really don't have to try! Lame. Good choice bay. I applaud you and your exceptional blog :)