Saturday, February 26


5 things that gross you out.

feta cheese balls/squares/circles.
instant nausea. prob cause i got the flu riiiight after consuming 4.
 i'll never see them the same.

so badd. 

i just really wonder why this is considered sexy. is it that hard to wear a bra?

what a classy gal we have here.

 ohhh, such a  lovely invention.

creepy creepertons.
stage 5 clingers. the lingerers. old men who think they still got that lil somethin going for 'em.
yeahh. we all know the type.

bout as real as it gets.

 sticky icky.
dirty or messy people & children.
my kids will be pristine.

this honestly gives me anxiety.

plastic surgery junkies.
one great way to ruin a beautiful person.


i will never understand why megan & heidi did this to themselves.
[yeahh, wer're on first name basis, no big]


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Madi Bringhurst said...

Haha agree with all of these.. minus the first, seeing as though I haven't suffered such a traumatizing experience. But .. bravo on this blog :) stage five clinger... Haha made me think of smiths by the Easter candy.. I don't know if he fits in this category, but it can be so wierd it situations like that! ..Men. tsk