Monday, February 7


post a picture from your childhood.

let me begin this with a disclaimer. these pictures happen to be the only ones i have down here in st. george. by chance [quite purposefully, actually] they are somewhat acceptable ones of myself. buuut really, i was heinous. my grandma- she forgets how to bite her tongue at times- told my mother that i was the homeliest child she'd ever seen when i was born.
 it wasn't a lie, either.
i looked like a mole. a possessed, stroke stricken mole. but i like that. 
at least i appreciate what i have now. that's an upside.

does this not make you happy? schoooool lunch. i was a regular. i had a tab.
i was on first name basis with the lunch ladies. 

little princessss :)  my mother made this whole costume for me and i wore it regularly.
oh and see that perm? it was hellll.

robbie. hay. matthew. 
we were one good looking bunch, right? 
especially in our prime at 7am with our beet red lips.
such a curse.

hahahahah look at me pose!
i just love that even then i still had my dress steeeez.
but my mama loves this. 
she says i've been breaking boys' necks since i was a little girl.
which is quite ironic considering the picture you will see below.

those ones above were my good years in which i am more than happy to share.
but THIS. this my friends, was what all my uintah friends remember.
chubby. frizzy hair. gap in teeth. greeeat style.
this is what i dealt with from 2nd to 9th grade.
i used to loathe those years, but i honestly love them to pieces now.
its part of the reason jasmine and i bonded so quickly.
we lived those dreadful years side by side.
 watching the pretty girls get the boys' attention all the time
while we sat rolling grapes in mud & wearing paper claws to chase people with.
or in my case, playing barbies [by myself] until i was 15. yes. its true.

at least i now know that being content 
with yourself is far better than being pretty to others.


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