Wednesday, February 16


first things first, this song is splendid. betcha couldn't guess who sent it to me.

annnd back to my neglected blog challenge:

5 things you are looking forward to in 2011.

let's do this in chronological order, shall we?

3 year anniversary.
that's coming up pretty quickly here. april 16th, to be exact.
in fact, today is our 34 month anniverary.
we've had our fair share of rocky moments. one of which we're still going through currently
 [i have to earn the title of girlfriend again hahahah. he keeps me in check. adorable]
wish i could say it was his fault.. but it hardly ever is. anyway. he's the one thing i can always rely on. i know i drive him crazy, make him sad & give him no reason to be mine at times, but i also know he'll always be there. even if we don't end up together in the long run, he has taught me how to genuinely love a person through thick & thin.

we just picked up the camera & took this. 
without planning, we'd both pulled the ugliest faces around. 
so, its a keeper :)

 finishing dixie with the 4 cutest girls around.
 i love st. george. its small,  there is no forever 21 and its 300 miles away from everyone, but i feel so happy & blessed living here. especially cause i walk to class in dresses in february with the sun melting away all stress & the birds chirping a chipper little spring song. remember how i love the simple things? sometimes when the girls and i drive to dinner or the grocery store, blasting the ping pong song and she's so high- i just stop and look around at them and realize how much i LOVE them and i'm so grateful for them. they've become such a big part of my life. i'm going to miss living with them so very much. they are lovely girls & you are lucky if you know them. even more lucky if you get to marry one :)

9 + jess. 

pretty sure this explains itself.
this summer might suck a bit because derek won't be living in utah due to work. but between twilight concerts, the hot sun & 100% dress weather there is no way i won't be happy as can be.
i must sound redundantly obsessive about these dresses, but i assure you, its a legitimate euphoric feeling i have when i get to wear them.
its the biggest reason i love summer & hate winter. 
plus, the less clothes the better, right?

everyday with my babies once again :)
 especially now that anne brady is talking up a storm and old enough to go to the pool & other fun adventures. not to mention anne carson, who is not only the best employer [$50 gift certificates to f21 just because], but she has become such a good friend. she knows everything about myself & my family and she has the greatest perspective seeing as she's young and a mother as well.


becoming an A U N T!
haven't let this one out of the bag yet [i was reprimanded for telling the whole world via fbook that my brother & his wife were having twins before my grandparents could find out :/ ] but the little identical twins are G I R L S!! they will be dark, curly headed little beauties with big pretty eyes. everyone says personality wise, they're gonna be just like me :) because i WILL teach them each how to be a wild child like myself. duhhh. adorable, demanding, sweet yet feisty little beings they shall be.

my handsome brother & his gorgeous wife :)

 living with 2 of my very best friends.
they say i'm trouble.
 but put me with gin & jas? uh. oh. that is the joke among us. 3 little rapscallions.
guarantee we will be raising hell on a daily basis.
i couldn't be more excited. janey & i have been planning this for years,
then suddenly jasmine came into the picture and it was a perfect fit!
and now we'll be living in a cute little condo all to ourselves.
i'm kinda concerned provo/orem will vex me, or at least some of the citizens.
just this weekend i was cut off by a stupid muscle man in a huge truck. i loathed him.
hopefully guys like that will be a minority. probably not.
just another reason for my forte to be displayed & to cause a rumpus :)


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Madi Bringhurst said...

LOVE this song. this was a really good blog hay! you have a lot of wonderful things going on in your life now, and wonderful things to look forward to! it mad me so happy for you! :) love you!