Thursday, February 17


seeing as i love la musica & i have a different song stuck in my head erra day,
 i'm going to share the love every once in a while.

habit you wish you didn't have.

burps. given, mine are more like little gasps rather than actual belches, but stilll. i feel so unladylike afterwards. i say sorry & excuse me after every one of them, which ends up just bugging me more cause i do it so often. i think the fact that clay laughs after each one of them makes me think its some kind of adorable quirk in his eyes--but really I NEED TO STOP.

hair fiddling. i don't know how to put a name to this specific habit, but i always always push my hair back at the roots. to like switch up the part or something, i don't know. buuut i do it alll the time, many a picture has documented it when i am unaware. someone was asking about me once & explained me as the "girl who always pushes her hair back". its a joke.

asking unanswerable questions. this is especially evident when i'll be watching tv with people & we'll flip it to a new show. then i'll ask everyone the who, what, where, when & whys. as if they knew anymore than i did. it annoys the heck out of me when i catch myself doing it.

spending. the more money i have, the more i spend. i don't even spend a lot at once on something great, i just nickel & dime myself to poverty every paycheck. i wish i were responsible & saved it.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

IIII personally LOVE your hair fiddling :) your hair always lands back so perfectly into the same -or a new place. you are beautiful!

p.s. love THIS song.