Sunday, March 18

pay off

this is not your average sunday.
i watch 4 children for 9 hours.
all of them with a bad case of the terrible twos. 
and an emphasis on sharing issues and shrill screams.
waking up at 7, not enough time for even a speck of makeup,
wearing battered sweats from high school, 
and a lack of appetite for the past week,
today is just not my day.

but when this little bug wakes up calling 'hayyyyaaa'
even though she can now say haylie properly,
insisting on taking her nap with me.
i just can't resist. 
somehow, it all pays off.

not to mention our conversations:

"brady, you can't unzip my jacket."
"awe you wea-wing an unda-sut (undershirt)?"
"nope. that's why you gotta stop."
"oh. wew.. i dess i don't wanna see yo pivate pots den."



Wednesday, March 14

anger issues.

parents having guests over. hiding in room. this is the root cause for this post.
going to my favorite restaurant. it's closed.
having a bad dream. hating all members of that dream in the morning.
waking up. the last 20 years i still scowl for the first 30 mins of my day
being hungry. need i say more?
work. again, goes without saying.
thinking about money..that i don't have.
not being texted back. i'm so sure. you look at your phone every 2.3 seconds.
waiting. for friends, food, anything. 
when my usually cute dog jumps on my head in the morning. kill her.
when my outfit makes me look fat...ter
stupid music on pandy.
a broken phone. 
being told to clean your room or you can't go out. guys, i'm 20. so sad.
working full time/ being at home during everyone's spring break.
being judged that i don't brush my hair. 
hearing your song while the boy you like is so far away.
people who bail.

i'm such a pleasant person.