Monday, January 31


thought of the day:

you gotta make 'em in life.
here is why:

CASE #1.
one day. twinny & i went to red robin.
we met a nice waiter.
his name is Jason.
he goes to school at Paul Mitchell.
he liked us.
he gave us lots of free food, smoothies, drinks.
he told us to come get our long hair done.
we said we don't do or get our hair done ever.
pluuus, we're but poor, lowly college students.
so he said he'd pay.
so we went.
best. damn. scalp. massage. ever.
he spoiled us.
then we went back to RR later that night with all the roomies.
there were strawberry lemonades right before jas & my eyes right when we sat.
then more free food.
then free sundaes.
and the roomies were probably jealous.
but we shared, don't worry.
then we got a free to-go box with the bessst fries around.

CASE # 2.
we ventured down to vegass.
twin & i met some friends.
they took us to their penthouse.
[don't worry, we had a male mutual friend, so we were safe]
paid for food, drinks, everyyything.
we just hung our for hours.
they were quite fun. 
they taught us portuguese & french.
even as beautiful as all the girls were from brazil & such, 
they complimented us left & right.
the guys told us they were moving to Utah for good girls like us to wed.
[i told them i had a boyfriend from the get-go & the respected that more than anything]
we then went to another suite. 
more food & hot robes & slippers. 
twas heaven.
plus our house maid, Irena, from poland, was a dollll.
she said i was too exotically pretty to be from utah.
i liked that.
i like being spoiled.
i should probably become a celebrity just for that treatment.
bottom line to making connections:
be nice.
guarantee, had we been brats, none of this would've happened.
pluuus, since we've been treated so nicely, we've been even more sweet to others.
so lots of people have been way sweet in return.
so really, its just a big circle of niceness.

suite # 2

 once in a lifetime oppurtunity i thiiiink.

2 floors. 5 bedrooms. 4 baths. unreeeeal.

 water bed roooom :)

winding staircase. yep.


view from ceasar's palace


Saturday, January 29


i want want wannnt this shirt.

the fit. the colors. the pattern. the anchor. evvvverything.
i just want it.

that's all for today


Tuesday, January 25


what are they & why do i have them

first things first--this is my all time favorite. it all started with Derek & my pops. my fam was in New York &  i'd always be on the phone with D telling him all our adventures, so he started recapping my stories with titles like "Little in the Big city" or "Little: abandoned on the subway". It was a big hit. so now that's almost the only thing pops & clay call me. 

nubbin / nub.
it all started when the girls in # 9 were hanging a mirror up. Sierra passed by and said she'd like to see her face..not just her chest & neck. so it was adjusted. then little haylie passes by. she couldn't even see her forehead. and thus nub came to be. 

snooki / snooks.
tiny? check.   sassy? yep.   crazy? possibly.   long hair? mmhmm.   tan? you betcha.
gotta love some snooks. oh ps. pretty much only boys call me this. that has to be a good thing for clay? obvi he has no competition if that's how boys think of me 

ohhh mother dearest. i think she has 'buyers remorse' with the name haylie. she has called me 20395438 different names since i was born, including veronica & susannah [what the hell, right?!] but hally seemed to stick most. now in college, my roommates will hear the shrill sound of 'HALLY!!!' through my phone  & they love it. so it has stuck with them as well. even in 100% serious conversations, i'll often hear
"but hal, what should i do?"
its kinda funny how it really is my 2nd name.

this one is inexplicable. the boy just started calling me that one day. when i asked, he said i just remind him of one cause i scrunch up my nose when i dislike something or smile too hard. so bunny it is.

aye bay bay / bay.
this was my high school nickname. from that one annoying song, remember? well hay bay turned to bay which turned into aye baybay. my favorite boy in the whole wide world, daniel claflin still addresses me from his mission with this particular title :)

reeeeally really like this one. its more than just a pet name, i'm referred to it as an actual name by derek clay :) its my favorite thing in the world to hear something like "do you know where my book is, lovely?" i think its just darling.


Monday, January 24


what do you look for in a guy?

a sweetheart. 
someone who shows how he feels. who doesn't hide it from his friends or anyone.
he has to have the biggest heart for those around him, from family to strangers.
:) nothing makes me happier than oldies in love.

an animal lover.
this is a must. with the love i feel, i must have someone who could find cuteness in a rat.
he has to adore them & treat them exceptionally well.

 to die for.

the smile.
n o t h i n g  cuter than a big ole smile that could just charm your pants off
[not literally, don't fret Suz!]
that is the first thing i notice about a boy. 

a hard worker.
a driven person, is a successful person. i like a guy that can set his mind to something and get it done.

the shoes.
yeah, i'm superficial. whatever. but if i see nikes..ahhh. i am dowwwn. i think they are the sexiest shoes on a guy. 
yesss please to this whole combo.

 good with kids.
this is a MUST. there is nothing more adorable than a boy who draws kids to him :)
just melts my heart.

this, my friends,  is a puppy baby. i WANT one.

big eyes.
since elementary i've always been drawn to big pretty eyes. probably because i'm so completely lacking in that department. eyes just do it for me.

sense of humor.
i like a little flirting banter to keep things fresh. plus i just love being a sass way too much.
so i need someone to put up with that.

a boy who can EAT!
hate. hate. hate. boys who try to eat healthy or eat salads. are you kiddding me?
if i eat more than you-- no. can. do. i like dem big appetites :)

yess i love it. but the bad thing? it has spoiled me.  i'll just wait in the car or at the front of a building until my door has been opened. its bad. but i just love me a gentleman.

kid at heart.
i'm a little girl. i neeeed someone to play with and have silly childish adventures with me. its just a given.


a chef.
i'll admit. i can't cook. if i reeeally try or want to, i can possibly create a lil somethin, but that's not very likely. so if someone can do it for me or even teach me, that is a MAJOR plus.

good with the parents.
this is 100% essential. i love & respect my parents very much, so i need someone who will feel the same way about them. even if the parents happen to be absolutely absurd and look like a tour guide with all the accessories on even the smallest of hikes.

i will forever love this picture. i absolutely love these men.

i do realize a good majority of these pictures have a certain someone in them, but obviously he'd have to have these attributes if i am to stick around for 3 years.


Friday, January 21

lucky number 9 :)

yeahh. i'm not a dependable blogger as of late.
do forgive.

put your ipod [itunes] on shuffle & list the first 10 songs:

**each title links to the video on youtube.
 some are covers. some suck. shit happens.
my apologies.
this would be the first song. probably because i play it everyday.
derek, king of music, dedicated it to me one night by replacing the "girlS" with "girl".
obviously, that got me. Therefore, i now love good ole Walt. he sure knows how to make a song.
ps. music vid is classssic.
"i think we're superstars, you say you think we are the best thing" :)
 i heart them. all time favvve band. one downside? all of a sudden, everyone knows them. hate that. oh annnd i heard them on the radio recently. hate that more. 
aside from that, the xx never fails to turn my mood from hectic to phlegmatic. that's always pleasant.

better than love. griffin house.
"you'll always be my girl"
ohhhkayy. never heard a cuter song.  D posted this song for me on fb when i was having a hard time and no joke, i cried. absurd.  but in my defense, these lyrics are applicable beyond measure.
 it touches  on every one of the issues we've had.
 and somehow repeats the very things that Clay has told me since day one. 
i absolutely love this song.  no matter your relationship status, you can enjoy such a sweet song.
and yeahh. cried again at the vid. emotional wreck over here
old people in love melt my heart.  
lyrics? click here.

" to know me as hardly golden, is to know me all wrong"
the only thing better than this song is to have it sampled by my boyfrienn, Kid Cudi. 

mama. coconut records.
"i don't know, but i can guess, you're the only only one that i have left"
this is the best to listen to when driving & harmonizing to. i thoroughly enjoy coconut records. though i'm not gonna lie, the only reason i was initially drawn to them was cause of their name. i like coconuts. childish? yes. BUT it led me to some quality musicians.   

 magic perfume. charlyne li
"you've got really long arms, so why don't you use them to hold me tight"
hahahhahah yes, please. from the movie Paper Heart, this has become a little inside joke between Mister & myself. 

bedroom costume. NPSH
"you think its just coincidence when you catch a little glimpse"
formerly known  as Natalie Portman's Shaved  Head, this band changed their name for accessibility. just last year they were impossible to find on itunes. happy i can buy them now, sad they're getting popular.
anywho. lovelovelove this song.  pretty sure its impossible not to.

home. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
"laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night"
not gonna lie, i take pride in loving this song before it evvver became popular or radio-ized. if you can't tell, i don't like trendy music. unless its just for fun, like hiphop. this is not that, clearly. i will still love it even though every girl in the world has posted lyrics from it on fbook. whatever. 
but this video is my faaavorite part. its portrays an old fashioned/pure/best friend kind of love.

how to say goodbye-paul tiernan
"if  you're scared or tired of what you're scared of, why should you stay?
all credit goes to derek clay. as usual. 
this song is just..delicate. its the kind of song you watch a sunset to or fall asleep listening to while with someone you love . cheeeesy, yes. that is me in a nutshell.

jogging gorgeous summer. islands.
"another day to do it all again"
well speaking of sunsets, this ones a cutie for sure. i forgot i had this little tuneski on here. my favorite part is the recorder going w i l d  in the background. yes recorder. 3rd grade status.


Tuesday, January 18

o c h o.

if you could have any pet, regardless of what it is, what would you want?

tosssss up right herrr. 

had i not watched Oprah a few days ago, this would not be an issue. but then i saw this..

umm hello cutest creature in the world.
 Little Einstein's the name. 
its like Ollie with hooves. 
annnd a big head.

i love him. 

BUT i happen to be enamored by bunnies. 
only tiny, clean ones, of course.
it could be cause D calls me Bunny  [for reasons i'll never know]
or  maybe cause they are soft & good for snuggling.
who really knows?
 i could show you 2309852 pictures to help you fall in love.
but a few will have to suffice :)

to die for, right?

ps.  Ollie girl is always number one :)
cauuuse sometimes i feel bad when i come home &
Oll can smell another dog on me.
its like i'm cheating or something.
weird. i know.
the fam thinks i'm cray-cray.
maybe so.


Wednesday, January 12


here's a little story..
 i'm currently taking Anatomy. if you know annnnything about me, you know i   l o a t h e  science. but my major is Radiology, so i have to take a shiz load of it anyway. today was only day 2 & already i can feel myself getting behind. so i just have to share the cutest & funniest conversation with my precious mom that i just had via texting:

m: hi hay! how was school today?

h: hi mama :) twas hell. i'm switching my major.

m: Haylie, my dear, you've been a princess your whole entire life. this is your time to prove you are a Cinderella. it was her hard work & determination that made her different than the other girls. 
Don't change your mind, change your mind set.
you are a tough girl. you are very determined and always get what you want. keep your sights set on 3 years from now when you are wearing a white coat & a name tag that says Haylie Hennefer/ Killough Radiologist. i love you for getting an education. not everyone was blessed with that.

first off, i find it adorable that my mother knows that to teach me best, she must bring in the Disney. 
also, her little Killough tidbit had me laughing outwardly.
but really, that was the some of the best advice i've ever received. 

starting now, that is my new motto for life :)

don't change your mind. change your mindset.

found this little gem of mother dearest. 
even not ready for a pic, she's a babe :)
and YES. sarah palin is her sister.

fanny pack? check.
classiest pair to be seen.



complete this sentence:
i am..

a wild child. 
the youngest & only girl.
on the cusp of growing up.
a daughter to the best parents.
a firecracker.
not a grudge holder.
a lover of writing.
a best friend to the best friends. 
a student at Dixie.
happy in the sun.
obsessor of all music.
completely lacking style. 
in love with animals.
always wearing dresses.
called Little for a reason.
sensitive with a rough exterior.
a cry baby when it comes to love stories.
stubborn as helll.
easily attached.
funny.. at least to myself.
an open book.
off limits.
crazy about the sweetest boy.

i am Haylie Suzanne Hennefer :)


Tuesday, January 11


so i'm here at work.
sooo bored i'm sharing/listening to all my clients' life stories.
then i found this lovely little picture: 

its just a picture from a night when i was having the time of my life. 
buut as i looked at it, i noticed my cute bracelet.
& then i remembered how it possibly is my worst nightmare..

 i purchased the bracelet like 2ish years ago.
 i was on a plane going back home from cali & this nice guy had one on. 
i told him i liked it, he told me about this great lady, Jac Vanek, started the business that he now helps represents  & that i should buy one, because the business works with non-profit organizations like Peta and Invisible Children. annd i liked them lots, so i did just that :)
i wore it for a while but between seeing lots of punk kids wearing them & the bracelet giving me a huge tan line, i stopped wearing it.
that's where D comes in. he reeeally liked it, therefore ending up taking it over, wearing it every single day for a year. then, a little while ago, as he was putting it on, it just snapped in half
[ i'm surprised it held out for as long as it did, with his Goliath hands]
yeahh that sucks & everything, but its WHERE it snapped that concerns me.

you see that heart there? it ripped right down the middle.
normally i'm nevvvver superstitious, but really? of all the places in that equally thick bracelet, how does it tear in that precise place. c'mon.

  so i guess if clay & i suddenly break up for no reason. there's your answer.

 and that is the story of the cute bracelet that had potential to doom a 3 year relashe.
i sound ridiculous. 

for the story & shopping visit:


Monday, January 10


what did you do today?

SUNDAY the 9th. 
[its still monday morning, so yesterday will have to do]
 uhh.. get real excited for a day in the life..

it started at 10. i woke up, showered and dressed for churchy. stayed through ALL 3 HOURS [quite a feat for myself], listened to a high counselor speak about how important temple marriage is & loved sierra's humorous relief society lesson.

next i got home, guzzled some nesquik & took a 2+ hour nap. then i woke up thinking everyone was in the living room playing games & i just could NOT miss out on that. turns out they weren't. i was dreaming. so, i made them play games with me anyway.  

then came a lasagna din din & a movie night of Just Married. that movie just stresses me out. i barely saw it for my first time about a year ago only because derek loves it and says its us to a T.  annnd.. after watching it, i didn't really think that was the best news to hear. we are quite dysfunctional, i suppose. but i'm sure he had good intentions. then derek called & we had a little chat.

 after, our cute friends brad, davy & buck came over. kaden was there too, but he's just damn annoying. so he doesn't fit into the 'cute' category. [i'm not really a brat, if you knew him, you'd understand. shoot, even he understands]. we played 5 rounds of Scattergories, where of course i got heated & argued every single one of my words until i got the one measly point. typical. then mister D called again & like before, we had a quick chat. 

a few hours later, i was wired because i'm like a child; long naps = no sleep at bedtime. so we started in on season 2 Gossip Girl, which we watch as an apartment. it proceeded to quickly lower our self esteem what with Serena's legs for dayyyys & Blair's little bod. 

i then forced myself to sleep, which wasn't going so well, when derek clay called again. it was like 1:30, so ignored it a few times, but, as always, he was persistent. so 5 missed calls later, i finally answered & went into the bathroom so i wouldn't wake anyone up. Apparently, he had just watched a disturbing movie about a married couple who hated each other, cheated & had a very unhealthy relationship. well, the cute little guy just let that get the best of him, so we had a 40 minute conversation [as i'm sitting on the bathroom floor] about how a healthy marriage and even just dating relationship should be. and at the end, he formally replied, "i really appreciate you picking up your phone to talk to me tonight." hahahhah can you see why i love the kid?

so then i REALLY went to sleep. in my bed of 238 pillows & down comforters & cashmere blankets. i felt really lucky and blessed. i think that thought was the one that actually put me to sleep. i have such a simple life. i absolutely love it.

and there you are. i've managed to bore you with 5 paragraphs of mindless babble.
i seem to be good at that.

relevancy? zero.
juuus a pretty little peacock to celebrate the end of this post.


Saturday, January 8


ohh hey. 
had to take a quick breakster to share with y'all the best news ever.

sadly, madison jane had to explain how applicable this really was.
go hayy for being so quick on her feet!

 copy & paste. exact replica. carbon copy. duplicate. mirror image. clone.
call it what you will,
but this picture says it all:

 i d e n t i c a l   t w i n s!!

i'm not only getting my 1st niece/ nephew, i'm getting my first 2. 
we don't know if they're little girls or boysies,
buut i think i'm rooting for girls.
umm..actually boys, 
kay yeah. i'll love whichever :)

so i've compiled a cluster of lovely twins -

sprouse bros. 
in their prime, if you ask me.

 these little men have some locks on them.

 mk & a, of course. 
had to pay tribute to these beautes.

black boys. you knowww i love.

 derek babies? 
mayyyybe one day i'll know ;)

ALWAYS the cutest babies.

" little haylies!"
-cute madi

-AUNT little

Friday, January 7


something that makes you feel better.

being held or holding on to someone. 
yeah, that sounds silly. so what? 
whether it be mom or dad, derek, ollie or the ashe.
there is something beyond comforting in knowing you are loved,
 especially when a hard day has been had.
and that all walls can be let down leaving you vulnerable, yet you know you're safe.
when i love someone, i show them physically. 
so.. poor ollie gets the worrrst of it. 
i like squeeze the life out of that poor dog when she looks cute.
actually. i do that to derek too..
k yeah. so i'm big on hugging. whatev.

that's the main remedy for when i'm sad, buuut here are some close runner-ups:

listening to applicable music.

buying a cute new dress.. maybe even a whole outfit.

peaceful hikes.

sushi tuesday at ichiban.

family game night. 

taking naps.


Thursday, January 6


what's your guilty pleasure tv show,  food & magazine?

tv show:

g o s s i p   g i r l.
need i say more?
i wish i lived their lives. but for now, watching them weekly will just have to do


d u n f o r d   d o n u t s.
one day, i ate one with every meal.
once i start. i can't stop. 
i have to put myself on schedule so i can only eat them every 3 months or so.
like really? its so pathetic.


c o s m o.
farthest thing from uplifting.
  & quite honestly, it says the same thing over & over again every month.
but hey, it entertains.
when i'm in slc, Gin and i are at barnes&noble weekly for our mags sesh :)


Wednesday, January 5

t r o i s.

 a picture or description of your favorite place in the world
somewhere you visit daily or at least fairly often.

this one was rather difficult.
there is a plethora of places i love to be & often go.
like bear lake. sand hollow. san diego. etc.
BUT.  i realized that though those places are lovely, 
they are  n o t h i n g without the people i love.

so i've come to this conclusion:

my favorite places in the world happen to be humble homes.
houses where best friends, parents, a boyfriend & siblings reside.

  mom & pops' house :)
salt lake city, utah.

not that you can even see mi casa very well, but i found this cute picture of some of my family.
this home has been the only house i'd ever lived in up until a few months ago.
 i have every memory within those walls. since it was built in 1908, it has been owned by Hennefers :)
also, my parents own the house next door, behind & next door to the one behind. my mom [emergency preparedness queeeeen] says its for when times get hard so our family can stay close. one house for each child & their family.
i love the idea of that.

numba  n i n e
st. george, utah.

modeled by my gorgeous twin, this is the first place of my own.
it is definitely a haven for us. and the fact that i come home to the 4 cutest girls in town make it all the better. we always have people coming in & out starting at 3 pm - 3 am.  its just the place to be i guess :)
 PLUS, 9 is my favorite number. so i kinda think it was meant to be.

D's house
draper, utah.

this is most definitely my 2nd home. movie nights, sleep overs, family parties, babysitting.
 i love how derek's cute mom decorates for every season, big or small. she has a knack for interior design, a talent that my D has defff picked up on. his room [decorated by just him], is probably the cleanest & well decorated boys room i've ever seen.
sometimes, he's so orderly & ocd about which pillow goes where and how a table should be placed that i call him girlfrienn.
i'm sure you can only guess how that one goes over with him.

annnd there you have it.
there really is nothing better than
home sweeeeet home

- little