Tuesday, January 4


a picture of one of your celebrity crushes & five things you'd do with/ to them

ohhh this one's easy peeezy.
his name?
Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi
known better as..
 kid cudi.

i am highly infatuated by this man.
let me help persuade you..
first & foremost. we'd just go on a simple little date. 

next.  i'd make a music vid with him.
annnd it'd be a damn good one.

then. i'd sit patiently as i inspired him to write a new song about me.
it would probably sound something like his other songs, "that girl" or "whenever".

after that, i'd make him serenade me with his sexy voice for hours.

and IF I WERE SINGLE. i'd for suuure 'get some cudi cudi'

in all honesty though, i have a   h u m o n g o u s   crush on him. like even my friends record him on tv when they know i won't be able to watch it.  ohh and remember how i'm jealous? kayy well. i get a pang of envy when girls get to be in his music videos & be near him.
  its a joke. 
i've always had a thing for the black boys. but he just puts them alllll to shame.

oh & my roomies all love him now too. from day one, i would obsess about him.
so they've gone from not knowing him, to loving him ALMOST as much :)


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