Tuesday, January 18

o c h o.

if you could have any pet, regardless of what it is, what would you want?

tosssss up right herrr. 

had i not watched Oprah a few days ago, this would not be an issue. but then i saw this..

umm hello cutest creature in the world.
 Little Einstein's the name. 
its like Ollie with hooves. 
annnd a big head.

i love him. 

BUT i happen to be enamored by bunnies. 
only tiny, clean ones, of course.
it could be cause D calls me Bunny  [for reasons i'll never know]
or  maybe cause they are soft & good for snuggling.
who really knows?
 i could show you 2309852 pictures to help you fall in love.
but a few will have to suffice :)

to die for, right?

ps.  Ollie girl is always number one :)
cauuuse sometimes i feel bad when i come home &
Oll can smell another dog on me.
its like i'm cheating or something.
weird. i know.
the fam thinks i'm cray-cray.
maybe so.


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