Thursday, January 6


what's your guilty pleasure tv show,  food & magazine?

tv show:

g o s s i p   g i r l.
need i say more?
i wish i lived their lives. but for now, watching them weekly will just have to do


d u n f o r d   d o n u t s.
one day, i ate one with every meal.
once i start. i can't stop. 
i have to put myself on schedule so i can only eat them every 3 months or so.
like really? its so pathetic.


c o s m o.
farthest thing from uplifting.
  & quite honestly, it says the same thing over & over again every month.
but hey, it entertains.
when i'm in slc, Gin and i are at barnes&noble weekly for our mags sesh :)


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