Friday, January 21

lucky number 9 :)

yeahh. i'm not a dependable blogger as of late.
do forgive.

put your ipod [itunes] on shuffle & list the first 10 songs:

**each title links to the video on youtube.
 some are covers. some suck. shit happens.
my apologies.
this would be the first song. probably because i play it everyday.
derek, king of music, dedicated it to me one night by replacing the "girlS" with "girl".
obviously, that got me. Therefore, i now love good ole Walt. he sure knows how to make a song.
ps. music vid is classssic.
"i think we're superstars, you say you think we are the best thing" :)
 i heart them. all time favvve band. one downside? all of a sudden, everyone knows them. hate that. oh annnd i heard them on the radio recently. hate that more. 
aside from that, the xx never fails to turn my mood from hectic to phlegmatic. that's always pleasant.

better than love. griffin house.
"you'll always be my girl"
ohhhkayy. never heard a cuter song.  D posted this song for me on fb when i was having a hard time and no joke, i cried. absurd.  but in my defense, these lyrics are applicable beyond measure.
 it touches  on every one of the issues we've had.
 and somehow repeats the very things that Clay has told me since day one. 
i absolutely love this song.  no matter your relationship status, you can enjoy such a sweet song.
and yeahh. cried again at the vid. emotional wreck over here
old people in love melt my heart.  
lyrics? click here.

" to know me as hardly golden, is to know me all wrong"
the only thing better than this song is to have it sampled by my boyfrienn, Kid Cudi. 

mama. coconut records.
"i don't know, but i can guess, you're the only only one that i have left"
this is the best to listen to when driving & harmonizing to. i thoroughly enjoy coconut records. though i'm not gonna lie, the only reason i was initially drawn to them was cause of their name. i like coconuts. childish? yes. BUT it led me to some quality musicians.   

 magic perfume. charlyne li
"you've got really long arms, so why don't you use them to hold me tight"
hahahhahah yes, please. from the movie Paper Heart, this has become a little inside joke between Mister & myself. 

bedroom costume. NPSH
"you think its just coincidence when you catch a little glimpse"
formerly known  as Natalie Portman's Shaved  Head, this band changed their name for accessibility. just last year they were impossible to find on itunes. happy i can buy them now, sad they're getting popular.
anywho. lovelovelove this song.  pretty sure its impossible not to.

home. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
"laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night"
not gonna lie, i take pride in loving this song before it evvver became popular or radio-ized. if you can't tell, i don't like trendy music. unless its just for fun, like hiphop. this is not that, clearly. i will still love it even though every girl in the world has posted lyrics from it on fbook. whatever. 
but this video is my faaavorite part. its portrays an old fashioned/pure/best friend kind of love.

how to say goodbye-paul tiernan
"if  you're scared or tired of what you're scared of, why should you stay?
all credit goes to derek clay. as usual. 
this song is just..delicate. its the kind of song you watch a sunset to or fall asleep listening to while with someone you love . cheeeesy, yes. that is me in a nutshell.

jogging gorgeous summer. islands.
"another day to do it all again"
well speaking of sunsets, this ones a cutie for sure. i forgot i had this little tuneski on here. my favorite part is the recorder going w i l d  in the background. yes recorder. 3rd grade status.


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