Sunday, January 2

r e s o l u t i o n s.

a perfectly decent list of things i may or may not accomplish in 2011

- go to class.
 liiike, every time.

-save my money. 
because no, more dresses won't get you places in life, actually.

-be the best girlfriend.
stop being a    s a s s. 
and don't forget how incredible of a person he is. ever.

- don't judge.
always smile. love to the fullest. be continually happy & grateful.

- try this foreign activity. its called working out.
can i just tell you its been a solid 6 months?
and trust me. it shows.

- do  y o u.
be the best person possible. 
BUT, only do it for me. 
or else permanence isn't guaranteed.


1 comment:

Madi Bringhurst said...

love them bay! I bet you can do them all :)