Friday, April 29


 9 reasons why i'm a happy little miss.
why 9? because its the best number ever. that's why.
because i only have 1 final exam left, then i'm freee. and oh so excited to start my summer.
because colorful bandaids make everything more fun. 
because pants are finally non-existant in my wardrobe. that's the way it should always be.
because i like that when i'm in my bed, no one can even tell, nor find me. little. 
because h & m is coming to salt lake. dreams do come true.
because i 'like' everything that makes me happy on fbook. even if i hardly know the person.
because my roomies have left me little notes here & there that just brighten my day so much.
because i can finally go home and see mister all day everyday in less than a week.
because this song below is mind blowing. and all i think of is dk when i hear it. plus, this band has been filling my ears all day and i've been so pleased.

all my many notes as of late. i adore my girls :)

telll me that doesn't make it cute. i don't even hate getting cuts now.


Wednesday, April 27

dose of happiness.

to look inside the las vegas location is like looking into heaven. (not to be sacrilegious or anything) 
but really. its filled with creams, whites & beige clothing, gold balls hanging from the ceilings, and blush hues accenting everything. those happen to be my favorite colors to wear and have been for yeears. with my dark hair & complexion, i've always thought those colors compliment me best. i was fortunate enough to purchase some fun dresses- neither of which are white or beige, oddly enough- but one in marigold & one in black. and i love them.  all i need are some closed-toed  espadrilles, a new fedora, some skinny belts and i'm set for summer :) i cannot wait to go back this weekend and find more.

in my marigold dress, being the little girl that i always am 

i mean, this one is a given. i'm a np connoisseur. you'll rarely find me with chipped nails and the color changes a few times a week. this week's color is a bubblegum pink by essie, called Need a Vacation. why yes, i do, thank you very much. its been quite a while since i've had this shade of pink on my nails, but i'm in love. its the perfect spring to summer color.

l o v e.

elle & zoe.
yep, the names are here! the names of my future nieces that due in a month and a half, that is.  i know i'm beyondd annoying on this subject, but come on. first time aunt, identical twins. GIRLS. can you understand my excitement? these names (which obviously aren't completely set in stone) are lovely. elle- which happens to be derek's most adorable niece's name AND my favorite little girls name, is just precious. as for zoe, i'm not 100% in love, but i'm sure it will grow on me. i fell asleep stressing about what they will have for the middle names (which are very important to me) and like nothing fits with zoe. the upside? i love writing z's. so i'll just call her z, i suppose. 

pranks of all sorts.
i had a full DAY of pranks yesterday. it all started when jess & jay helped moved all the living room furniture of some neighbors to the pool. then later, we went to our friend's house (before he or anyone arrived) turned off all the lights and hid in his enormous home to scare them. they ended up scaring us. we then spoofed. if you haven't heard of this, its the best ever. you enter 2 different numbers into an app, 1 in which will be "who" is calling and then the person you want to call. then you just prank the heck out of anyone and everyone. to end the night (which happened to end at 6 AM) we stuck 2 stink bombs into a small, enclosed room in which our friends were kissing. even though i had to pay for my lack of sleep today, i'd say it was a successful day.

you can hardly see, but this IS at the pool and we ARE on a couch.

- lil wildchild.

Monday, April 25

vegas babyy

ohhkay, so you know how you make unbelievably fun plans? 
and sometimes they just fall through or don't end up as you wished?
OR, sometimes they end up 10 times better?
yeah. i'll take the latter.
 cause that's what happened this weekend.
from horseback riding to mandalay beach's lazy river. 
bubble baths to chicken madeira at Cheesecake.
from tranny's who love us to the tallest black man i've met. 
from our new "hello game" to british accents all through the casinos. 
from buying lots of -yep, you guessed it- dresses from H&M to people watching. 
from dancing to street side bands to making friends with everyone we walked past. 
we just had some good, ole fashioned, wholesome fun :)
i'd say this weekend was a success. and what's better? next weekend we'll do it all again at a suite in the hotel next door, Luxor. 

mandalay beach.

such a natural picture. i love this one :)

bubble baths? yess please.

walkin the strip.

 clearly, we became fast friends. 

my very first tranny friend. he's pretty.

always gotta find some black boys in vegas.
(look close,  the 2nd one is hiding on the left)

- little

Friday, April 22

t g i f

did i just barely learn what tgif stands for? perhaps. but now that i do, i'm livin' it up.
even though finals are less than a week away for me,
 that sadly does not mean i will be studying this weekend. no no no.
  BUT, you can catch me horse back riding, caving, 4wheeling, spending the weekend in vegas, attempting to get our underage selves into clubs, shopping, laying out & having thee best time ever. 
which will then repeat itself next weekend for my cutest cousin's 21st birthday.

welcome, weekend!

-hayliee h.

Wednesday, April 20

the story about a girl & a boy:

about 4 years ago, a naive little junior saw the BEST looking boy walk down the halls of her high school. she turned to her bestie and said "boys like that just intimidate me, cause its the kind i know i could never talk to, let alone date cause evvery girl is after them".
6 months later, she finally met that boy face to face. and hated him. he would hardly speak to her, was very quiet and seemed as arrogant as could be.
2 months later-they kissed. you gotta give her a break. though he wasn't really cocky, but still quiet, he was just SO good looking, it was hard to resist. but she ignored him from there on. deciding she did NOT want to be one of the many girls obsessed with him. even though they'd still kiss from time to time when the opportunity presented itself.
1 week later he was on her mind 24/7. she had never liked a boy this much, even her former boyfriend from just months before, which happened to be this new boy's best friend. 
3 weeks later, he wouldn't have it anymore. he was sick of playing the "avoiding" games in the halls when they had so much fun alone. he made it official. he wasn't full of himself, he was just the most shy boy she'd met and because he was just as handsome, it came across to others that way. she finally learned that.
that night. she danced around her house with the biggest smile she had ever had. he liked her. he wanted only her. 
the next month was of pure bliss. coming home to flowers on her doorstep, the most adoring texts in her inbox and all the girls coming up to her in shock and jealousy that she got that new boy from california. 
4 weeks after, at their two month anniversary, they celebrated being the longest they'd ever dated someone. they were proud. for both of them, they would be sick of their "bf or gf" by that point. but not these two
2 weeks later, she accidentally said "love youu" when he made her laugh. it got quiet and she caught him staring at her. he said" i've been thinking about that a lot lately. i think i love you" 

* * *

36 months. 1095 days3 years later.  the two sat beneath a tree beside the provo river as they ate their picnic lunch and had sparkling cider. he looked up at her as he lay on her lap and said "i can't believe we've come this far. i can't believe we've had each other for 3 years".  and she kissed him on his eyelid with that same biggest smile on her face from so many years ago.

happpy 3 years to a boy that ive been through hell & back with.
through the thickest and the thinnest, more than most relationships have dealt with.
and we're still stayin' strong. 


Friday, April 15

tests, phones & childish humor

dear friends:
due to a rigorous study, school & work schedule and a life busy with prank calling on roof tops, 
painting nails, buying dresses & laying out - i have not blogged for a while. 
yes, only a few days, but i dislike missing so many consecutive days without this blog 
that i've learned to love so dearly . and unfortunately, i know that if i don't blog now, 
you wouldn't be hearing from me for a week or so in total. 
and that just won't do, so here i am! 
i'll give you a bit of an update:
  • first off, i took both lab & lecture anatomy tests this week. i did what i always do and just crammed last minute. and then felt really good about it, as i also always do. then get the test later, just to not be so pleased about the i always do. but i did find out that that one  terrible score that sent me in a semi depression a few weeks ago had just been written wrong. so i got that original score PLUS 100 more. so it wasn't so bad after all :) and now i just have the final and i'm done!
  • so i'm just gonna put it out there. my phone was a PIECE. piece of shiiih, that is. it was black, tiny screen, had no camera and if the suckiness of it hasn't set in, it was a  f l i p  phone. takes you wayyy back, right? back to what.. junior high, early high school days? yeahh. i owned one of those. we called it the Iphone 7 cause its that elite. my old phone broke and my parents are starting in on that "pay for your own phone" business, so i've just been humbled and worked with it. BUT, tehya is just the best thing i've ever met, and gave me her blackberry cause she just got a new one. so yeah. you could say that has been the highlight of my week. i felt like a kid at christmas when she brought it back to me. 
  • i FINALLY found my summer dream dress. for the last 3 months i've been talking about how i wanted a dress that is a few inches above the knee, either floral or solid in pattern, has a cinched waistband AND has a flowy skirt to boot. the flowy part was of utmost importance. and guess what? i found it for only 2o dollars. so you could say that i'm almost on my way to having purchased every color there is to offer. pictures will ensue soon enough, i'm sure.
  • every night, jasmine & i hunker down in our "nest" in the living room where we seriously play the roles of a husband and wife (completely subconsciously, of course-that would be weird as hell otherwise) i'll be brushing my teeth, while she takes her boots off at the end of the bed. we then settle into our cozy den & either talk ourselves to sleep or she reads while i blog or i do homework while she googles things. then we realize how funny it is and end up laughing about anything & everything for the next hour.  
  • and last but not least, tomorowwww is my 3 year anniversary :) i will be driving up to see that boy of mine in a few short hours now, where we will spend saturday picnicing, going up to a canyon where our initials are in a tree (his cute little idea- i forgot all about it) , and enjoying our third year mark together. 'cept we're not "together". its okay to be confused, i think its safe to say that even we are confused.

that is all for now,
 but here are some pictures which i should probably be too mature to think are funny..
but i'm not. 

hope they brought a laugh or at leeeast a smile.
love you alll

- l i t t t l e

Monday, April 11

soundtrack to my life.

my spring & summer playlist :)
not even close to ALL the songs i want, but it'll do for now.

i've handpicked songs that bring me back to driving with the windows down. wearing little dresses. sticking to the leather seats. swimming in lakes, pools, ponds- ANYWHERE with water. laying out. sippin some starbucks. brunch at Park Cafe (best chais ever). sleepovers with best friends & boyfriend. walking around downtown at dusk. eating sushi every tuesday night at Ichiban. girls nights. parties with my brother & his crew. daily hikes with ollie & the cutest boy alive. road trips. double date picnics up the canyon. concerts every thursday. monthly zoo trips with D and the babies. playing/kissing in the rain.

if you can't tell, i'm a little excited. 

 summer sunnshine.
sunlight- harlem shakes
sun of a gun-oh land
boys & girls in love- the rumble strips
40 day dream-edward sharp & the magnetic zeros
5 years time- noah & the whale
when they fight, they fight-the generationals
she's got you-cosmo jarvis
swing tree- discovery
i think i like you- donora
lions-the features 
the bird song- florence & the machine
piper's song (aeroplane remix)- gypsy & the cat
i think i like u 2- jamaica
bang pop- free energy
l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.- noah & the whale
heartbeat- scouting for girls
ambling alp-yeasayer
something good can work- two door cinema club

thunder. rain & eyelid kisses.
take on me- anni B sweet
remember-misty miller
elephant gun-beirut
we are the people- empire of the sun
crave you- flight facilities
swimming in the flood-passion pit
pull my heart away- jack penate
kiss me again-jessica lea mayfield
gay sons of lesbian mothers- kaki king
the rain- lenny ibizarre
wild thing- misty miller
dawn of time- tribal seeds
in the aeroplane over the sea- neutral milk hotel

let's get this party started riiiight.
tthhee ppaarrttyy- justice
four floors(diplo remix) -sunday girl
stay crunchy-ronald jenkees
werewolf(omega remix)- cocorosie
down by the water(soundmen remix)-the drums
you are not a robot- hoodie allen
show goes on- lupe fiasco
cameras- matt & kim
bow chicka wow wow- mike posner
1901 ft. kid cudi-pheonix
where is my mind? (dub remix)- the pixies
did it again ft. kid cudi- shakira
i can talk-two door cinema club

like really, from the KINDNESS OF MY HEART are these songs being publicized. 
(a good majority cannot be found on itunes, so you could say they're for elite ears)
only because you actually have to know me, care enough about my life to read my blog and trust my taste in music to appreciate these songs.
and for doing those things? i like you heaps and piles and stacks and mounds.

this is what my world sounds like on a daily basis.
Little's Soundtrack



Sunday, April 10

mr. sandman

i'm a dreamer.  sleeping is like living in a parallel world for me.
every dream is as vivid as if i just lived through it all.
today i woke up earlier than saturdays should permit,
studied, took a bath while studying. then studied some more.
then found myself going to school to study some dead, naked bodies.
i'm sure you can only imagine how drained i was after all that, so i took a nap.
this nap had me stumbling upon some of the oddest dreams.
it started with grocery shopping with none other than Vinny, from jersey shore.
( he purchased lasagna, so of course i figured it had to be real life)
and after a series of other peculiar events, it ended with my parents getting a divorce.
i was driving back and forth between their houses and talking with them,
only to be so discouraged and sad that it just wasn't going to work out.
as i was waking up, i was in that haze between dreaming and reality,
where you really don't know if it happened cause it was so real or really just dreamt it,
i thought my parents were separated, i thought my perfect little family was over.
i was so sad. so i just layed there.
5..10..20 minutes passed before i could finally get a grasp on reality.
then the wave of gratitude passed over me.
my parents are still in love. my family is still whole.
my home is still there, filled with love and the spirit.
my family is one of the few that have stuck together.
and i've never realized how truly wonderful that is. until i thought it wasn't the case any longer.
i am so lucky.
on top of this realization today, jasmine and i went to dinner where we sat near a homeless man.
he was just cute as can be, gettin' his grub on, countin' his change.
he had two big bags chuck full of what i'm sure was all that he owned. he was adorable.
and that took me back to how lucky i am.
sitting there enjoying a nice bowl of soup, just another night eating out.
knowing it'll be paid for, knowing i'll have one tomorrow. and the next day.
while this guy was probably scrimping & saving just for this one night of "luxury".
yet he was so content. and seemed so happy that he at least had a hot meal for the night.

today is a happy day. i'm just so thankful.

-l i t t l e 

ps. i am having a handful of technical difficulties on this blog here. (like HUGE pictures that make me look reeal vain) i'm trying to fix it and change it up, but you see, i am no computer genius. so please just bare with me. it will be undergoing a serious facelift soon which i'm quite excited for :)

Friday, April 8

alll smiles.

so like, i don't mean to gloat or anything, 
but i'm pretty sure i fell in love with one of the cutest boys around. 
no, we're STILL not officially together again. yes, i'm still having those twinges of doubt. and yess, we will forever still be the most on and off couple. ever. 
BUT, the past week has taught me something: 
that i need to stop thinking about myself.
stop being restless. 
stop being so damn crayyy.
i have something wonderful at my fingertips. 
and though i still need my "haylie" time for a while, 
i'm so grateful for what i have.

so anywayyy. i'm a softy underneath my sassy exterior and often times write down the cute texts/conversations derek & i have.  today was one of those days where he was just as cute as a button in his texts, so i went to write them down when i found even more of his old ones.
 annnnd i felt like sharing. 
warning: if you can't stand the lovey stuff, my suggestion is to STOP reading now.
i tryyy not to be sappy, but today is one of those days :)

from forevvver ago:   
 D: i'm sorry for the fighting..i love you so much haylie.
 H: nahh, i'm sorry. i know i'm a brat, i just don't know why it never stops.
 D: yeahh. you are a punk. but i love every aspect of your personality. just remember who you are and don't change for me because you already are my one and only. my white buffalo haha.

from today:
D: i miss you. i miss your face. i miss your hair. its the softest and its so long and beautiful. i love the smell of it. and i love it when you put it in a samurai bun.

falling in love is easy.
staying in love is hard. 
i have been farrrrr from perfect. but i've realized anytime that i've messed up and been an awful girlfriend or friend to derek, has been because its a reflection of how i feel as a person.
this last week has made me mostly realize that in order to be the best for someone else,
 i have to be the best for myself.  because really, the reason for most of my doubt lately hasn't been because i think i deserve better than clayy, but because i think he deserves better than me.

my promise to myself is to be the best person possible so that i CAN deserve the best person i know.


Wednesday, April 6

laugh it off.

hi hi hiii.
today i was in shlummmp. 
i swear i slept like 10 hours last night, woke up at the crack of 12 and was STILL tired.
i decided i didn't even want to go to class cause i felt sickly so i slept 2 more freaking hours.
and then i wanted to die because i felt so low.
plus, i have an aversion to medicine.
i am strongly opposed to using pills to fix my body.
i'd much rather suffer through cramps and headaches and let my body build its own immunity
than get cancer & diseases later in life cause i relied on that stuff.
so for me to take medicine, is a huge deal.
that's why i'm so glad i live with my girls, which obviously includes jess & tehy.
each one lifts me up in different ways.
whether it be talking, venting, painting nails or eating- they chipper me up.
through even the hardest times, the only medicine that we've found to be most effective is to
after my depressing day of sleeping & wallowing in my own sorrows, 
i'm finally back to normal because of all these things.
especially the laughing. 
my baby gurllls made sure that was rectified quite rapidly. 
anywho. "laugh it off" is the motto that jas & i hold so dearly to our hearts.
we're even customizing bracelets online with that slogan. silly, you say? so be it.
we just had a laugh off sesh in our "nest" of beds in the living room.
i almost peed. now i can happily retire to bed. 
bottom line though- i live by our motto.
when you have karma up the whazzam coming your way? laugh it off.
you get your first speeding ticket in yeeears? laugh. it. off.
it gets me through the hardest times. im a firm believer that its the best medicine.

annnd i'm sorry, but this is the best picture i've ever found in my life.
i was elated when i found it.


Friday, April 1

favvvorite day ere.

remember how like 4 months ago i started a little blog post simililar to Cupcakes & Cashmeres "5 things", where i give a shout out to a few things i'm loving as of late? well i did. and in the commotion of a 30 day challenge, i forgot all about it. but i'm back. so here is this week's -
dose of happiness

april fools.

being the mature girl i am, this little face & fist made me laugh. hard.

ohhhh my goodness. i am in love with this day of celebration. i was just bored at work so i texted everyone i knew a little something foolish. my mom's was my favorite. i told her i just dropped all my classes and am planning on alternative kind of school. her replying text was "dammit haylie!! you are so much smarter than that. i expect you to pay us back every penny and i'm canceling your phone!!" i was laughing uncontrollably at her reaction, but my mother can scare the hell out of me when mad, so i rapidly called her back. SHE WAS IN TEARS!! and proceeded to tell me that i'm the worst daughter ever before laughing her head off because i spin her in circles and keep her on her toes every single day. i also texted derek while he was working annnd apparently brought a tear to his eye as well. i'm a devious little soul. its fun, how could you not love me for that?! then, some guy called my work saying he was a really good stripper and was supposed to come in to give me a dance around noon. hahah 

lil puppy tag.

out of the blue one day, jessica started showing me some customized dog tags her mother makes for her adorable boutique. i obviously loved them, so she called up her mom to make a special order in mint green with ollie's name :) it just came yesterday and has made me so happy.  it has inspired me to go purchase a whole new collar & leash set for ollie girl. (and yes, i do look like a gem at early morning work, with my hair piled on my head with such a hot myspace pic with a BACKWARDS dog tag. so classsy)

85 degree weather

welcome, summmmer!! can i just tell you that there is nothing better than getting into a hot car, feeling like you're getting tan from just driving with the window down, the smell of campfires at dusk,  watching all the cute birds puff their cheeks with songs, the ability to wear dresses at night and feel just fine, and having all windows and doors open in your house. if you ask me, it just doesn't get better than springtime in st george.


anytime someone in our apartment or amongst our friends is wearing one of these cute, comfy & convenient outfits, you are guaranteed to hear "its just a romper kind of day" at least 10 times that day. we love our rompers.  in my opinion, this is the best creation because you get the ease a dress and being one full outfit, but with the comfort of shorts. absolutely brilliant.  my kind of outfit.