Friday, April 1

favvvorite day ere.

remember how like 4 months ago i started a little blog post simililar to Cupcakes & Cashmeres "5 things", where i give a shout out to a few things i'm loving as of late? well i did. and in the commotion of a 30 day challenge, i forgot all about it. but i'm back. so here is this week's -
dose of happiness

april fools.

being the mature girl i am, this little face & fist made me laugh. hard.

ohhhh my goodness. i am in love with this day of celebration. i was just bored at work so i texted everyone i knew a little something foolish. my mom's was my favorite. i told her i just dropped all my classes and am planning on alternative kind of school. her replying text was "dammit haylie!! you are so much smarter than that. i expect you to pay us back every penny and i'm canceling your phone!!" i was laughing uncontrollably at her reaction, but my mother can scare the hell out of me when mad, so i rapidly called her back. SHE WAS IN TEARS!! and proceeded to tell me that i'm the worst daughter ever before laughing her head off because i spin her in circles and keep her on her toes every single day. i also texted derek while he was working annnd apparently brought a tear to his eye as well. i'm a devious little soul. its fun, how could you not love me for that?! then, some guy called my work saying he was a really good stripper and was supposed to come in to give me a dance around noon. hahah 

lil puppy tag.

out of the blue one day, jessica started showing me some customized dog tags her mother makes for her adorable boutique. i obviously loved them, so she called up her mom to make a special order in mint green with ollie's name :) it just came yesterday and has made me so happy.  it has inspired me to go purchase a whole new collar & leash set for ollie girl. (and yes, i do look like a gem at early morning work, with my hair piled on my head with such a hot myspace pic with a BACKWARDS dog tag. so classsy)

85 degree weather

welcome, summmmer!! can i just tell you that there is nothing better than getting into a hot car, feeling like you're getting tan from just driving with the window down, the smell of campfires at dusk,  watching all the cute birds puff their cheeks with songs, the ability to wear dresses at night and feel just fine, and having all windows and doors open in your house. if you ask me, it just doesn't get better than springtime in st george.


anytime someone in our apartment or amongst our friends is wearing one of these cute, comfy & convenient outfits, you are guaranteed to hear "its just a romper kind of day" at least 10 times that day. we love our rompers.  in my opinion, this is the best creation because you get the ease a dress and being one full outfit, but with the comfort of shorts. absolutely brilliant.  my kind of outfit.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

1. i cannot believe you did that to your mom and derek! oh ms hay, ms hay :) 2. that picture of the baby is ADORABLE 3. ollie is the bestest baby in da whole wide wooorld 4. the whole weather part got me so happy, ESPECIALLY the little birds cheeks part --LOVE the birds singing!! [wish i could have seen that one by the pool] 5. if its a romper kind of day, its a happy day! it is so true, they are the best invention! please go get one, love :) luh you!