Wednesday, April 27

dose of happiness.

to look inside the las vegas location is like looking into heaven. (not to be sacrilegious or anything) 
but really. its filled with creams, whites & beige clothing, gold balls hanging from the ceilings, and blush hues accenting everything. those happen to be my favorite colors to wear and have been for yeears. with my dark hair & complexion, i've always thought those colors compliment me best. i was fortunate enough to purchase some fun dresses- neither of which are white or beige, oddly enough- but one in marigold & one in black. and i love them.  all i need are some closed-toed  espadrilles, a new fedora, some skinny belts and i'm set for summer :) i cannot wait to go back this weekend and find more.

in my marigold dress, being the little girl that i always am 

i mean, this one is a given. i'm a np connoisseur. you'll rarely find me with chipped nails and the color changes a few times a week. this week's color is a bubblegum pink by essie, called Need a Vacation. why yes, i do, thank you very much. its been quite a while since i've had this shade of pink on my nails, but i'm in love. its the perfect spring to summer color.

l o v e.

elle & zoe.
yep, the names are here! the names of my future nieces that due in a month and a half, that is.  i know i'm beyondd annoying on this subject, but come on. first time aunt, identical twins. GIRLS. can you understand my excitement? these names (which obviously aren't completely set in stone) are lovely. elle- which happens to be derek's most adorable niece's name AND my favorite little girls name, is just precious. as for zoe, i'm not 100% in love, but i'm sure it will grow on me. i fell asleep stressing about what they will have for the middle names (which are very important to me) and like nothing fits with zoe. the upside? i love writing z's. so i'll just call her z, i suppose. 

pranks of all sorts.
i had a full DAY of pranks yesterday. it all started when jess & jay helped moved all the living room furniture of some neighbors to the pool. then later, we went to our friend's house (before he or anyone arrived) turned off all the lights and hid in his enormous home to scare them. they ended up scaring us. we then spoofed. if you haven't heard of this, its the best ever. you enter 2 different numbers into an app, 1 in which will be "who" is calling and then the person you want to call. then you just prank the heck out of anyone and everyone. to end the night (which happened to end at 6 AM) we stuck 2 stink bombs into a small, enclosed room in which our friends were kissing. even though i had to pay for my lack of sleep today, i'd say it was a successful day.

you can hardly see, but this IS at the pool and we ARE on a couch.

- lil wildchild.

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Madi Bringhurst said...

hahaha HOW did I not know about this whole furniture to the pool business? That is so funny! Need to hear all about it.

Also, I'm obsessed with your new dress. marigold--best colorrrr! you are too beautiful.