Sunday, April 10

mr. sandman

i'm a dreamer.  sleeping is like living in a parallel world for me.
every dream is as vivid as if i just lived through it all.
today i woke up earlier than saturdays should permit,
studied, took a bath while studying. then studied some more.
then found myself going to school to study some dead, naked bodies.
i'm sure you can only imagine how drained i was after all that, so i took a nap.
this nap had me stumbling upon some of the oddest dreams.
it started with grocery shopping with none other than Vinny, from jersey shore.
( he purchased lasagna, so of course i figured it had to be real life)
and after a series of other peculiar events, it ended with my parents getting a divorce.
i was driving back and forth between their houses and talking with them,
only to be so discouraged and sad that it just wasn't going to work out.
as i was waking up, i was in that haze between dreaming and reality,
where you really don't know if it happened cause it was so real or really just dreamt it,
i thought my parents were separated, i thought my perfect little family was over.
i was so sad. so i just layed there.
5..10..20 minutes passed before i could finally get a grasp on reality.
then the wave of gratitude passed over me.
my parents are still in love. my family is still whole.
my home is still there, filled with love and the spirit.
my family is one of the few that have stuck together.
and i've never realized how truly wonderful that is. until i thought it wasn't the case any longer.
i am so lucky.
on top of this realization today, jasmine and i went to dinner where we sat near a homeless man.
he was just cute as can be, gettin' his grub on, countin' his change.
he had two big bags chuck full of what i'm sure was all that he owned. he was adorable.
and that took me back to how lucky i am.
sitting there enjoying a nice bowl of soup, just another night eating out.
knowing it'll be paid for, knowing i'll have one tomorrow. and the next day.
while this guy was probably scrimping & saving just for this one night of "luxury".
yet he was so content. and seemed so happy that he at least had a hot meal for the night.

today is a happy day. i'm just so thankful.

-l i t t l e 

ps. i am having a handful of technical difficulties on this blog here. (like HUGE pictures that make me look reeal vain) i'm trying to fix it and change it up, but you see, i am no computer genius. so please just bare with me. it will be undergoing a serious facelift soon which i'm quite excited for :)


Madi Bringhurst said...

so cute bay! your parents really are the cutest little pair I ever did see. If they split up.. I'd seriously die! haha. I honestly loved reading this, girl. Life really is so wonderful. You are amazing to recognize your blessings. It can make a world of a difference in ones happiness :) Love you.

Madi Bringhurst said...

oh, and LOVED the grocery shopping with vinny part! snooks and vinny... gettin' their grub on! yeeuh.