Friday, April 15

tests, phones & childish humor

dear friends:
due to a rigorous study, school & work schedule and a life busy with prank calling on roof tops, 
painting nails, buying dresses & laying out - i have not blogged for a while. 
yes, only a few days, but i dislike missing so many consecutive days without this blog 
that i've learned to love so dearly . and unfortunately, i know that if i don't blog now, 
you wouldn't be hearing from me for a week or so in total. 
and that just won't do, so here i am! 
i'll give you a bit of an update:
  • first off, i took both lab & lecture anatomy tests this week. i did what i always do and just crammed last minute. and then felt really good about it, as i also always do. then get the test later, just to not be so pleased about the i always do. but i did find out that that one  terrible score that sent me in a semi depression a few weeks ago had just been written wrong. so i got that original score PLUS 100 more. so it wasn't so bad after all :) and now i just have the final and i'm done!
  • so i'm just gonna put it out there. my phone was a PIECE. piece of shiiih, that is. it was black, tiny screen, had no camera and if the suckiness of it hasn't set in, it was a  f l i p  phone. takes you wayyy back, right? back to what.. junior high, early high school days? yeahh. i owned one of those. we called it the Iphone 7 cause its that elite. my old phone broke and my parents are starting in on that "pay for your own phone" business, so i've just been humbled and worked with it. BUT, tehya is just the best thing i've ever met, and gave me her blackberry cause she just got a new one. so yeah. you could say that has been the highlight of my week. i felt like a kid at christmas when she brought it back to me. 
  • i FINALLY found my summer dream dress. for the last 3 months i've been talking about how i wanted a dress that is a few inches above the knee, either floral or solid in pattern, has a cinched waistband AND has a flowy skirt to boot. the flowy part was of utmost importance. and guess what? i found it for only 2o dollars. so you could say that i'm almost on my way to having purchased every color there is to offer. pictures will ensue soon enough, i'm sure.
  • every night, jasmine & i hunker down in our "nest" in the living room where we seriously play the roles of a husband and wife (completely subconsciously, of course-that would be weird as hell otherwise) i'll be brushing my teeth, while she takes her boots off at the end of the bed. we then settle into our cozy den & either talk ourselves to sleep or she reads while i blog or i do homework while she googles things. then we realize how funny it is and end up laughing about anything & everything for the next hour.  
  • and last but not least, tomorowwww is my 3 year anniversary :) i will be driving up to see that boy of mine in a few short hours now, where we will spend saturday picnicing, going up to a canyon where our initials are in a tree (his cute little idea- i forgot all about it) , and enjoying our third year mark together. 'cept we're not "together". its okay to be confused, i think its safe to say that even we are confused.

that is all for now,
 but here are some pictures which i should probably be too mature to think are funny..
but i'm not. 

hope they brought a laugh or at leeeast a smile.
love you alll

- l i t t t l e

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Madi Bringhurst said...

Hahaha I phone you tube!!! --gets me every time! And "" HAH! :) I love reading your blog ms. hay. You are too cute! I'm sooo happy that your test thing got sorted out and am so excited for your fun plans this weekend! I wish so badly I could be doing the same thing with myy cute boy. Treasure yours!

You will be missed! :( xoxo

P.s. gorgeous profile photo baby girl. CANNOT get over how beautiful you are. It intimidates me :) ...yeah.