Wednesday, April 6

laugh it off.

hi hi hiii.
today i was in shlummmp. 
i swear i slept like 10 hours last night, woke up at the crack of 12 and was STILL tired.
i decided i didn't even want to go to class cause i felt sickly so i slept 2 more freaking hours.
and then i wanted to die because i felt so low.
plus, i have an aversion to medicine.
i am strongly opposed to using pills to fix my body.
i'd much rather suffer through cramps and headaches and let my body build its own immunity
than get cancer & diseases later in life cause i relied on that stuff.
so for me to take medicine, is a huge deal.
that's why i'm so glad i live with my girls, which obviously includes jess & tehy.
each one lifts me up in different ways.
whether it be talking, venting, painting nails or eating- they chipper me up.
through even the hardest times, the only medicine that we've found to be most effective is to
after my depressing day of sleeping & wallowing in my own sorrows, 
i'm finally back to normal because of all these things.
especially the laughing. 
my baby gurllls made sure that was rectified quite rapidly. 
anywho. "laugh it off" is the motto that jas & i hold so dearly to our hearts.
we're even customizing bracelets online with that slogan. silly, you say? so be it.
we just had a laugh off sesh in our "nest" of beds in the living room.
i almost peed. now i can happily retire to bed. 
bottom line though- i live by our motto.
when you have karma up the whazzam coming your way? laugh it off.
you get your first speeding ticket in yeeears? laugh. it. off.
it gets me through the hardest times. im a firm believer that its the best medicine.

annnd i'm sorry, but this is the best picture i've ever found in my life.
i was elated when i found it.


1 comment:

Madi Bringhurst said...

many a things made me happy in this post.
1. that you used the words shlummmp, whazzam, and that you mentioned the "nest" --joy :)
2. i agree with you, our attitude, and being able to laugh things off and stay calm IS the best medicine. and how good to know you have COMPLETE CONTROL! our reactions are our greatest power.
3. i am with ya on the whole meds thing. i haven't been one to take anything unless it comes to drastic measures. we are twins! [..but don't get me wrong, that still doesn't mean i come close to Jasmine's spot as your true twin :) i feel like i can't use that word- its HERS. HAHA ]
4. i hope that I can be someone that makes you feel better. Please always know that i am here for you. i love you miss hay, and think about you more than you know.

Thank you for teaching me to laugh more often. It sadly, is something i have had to work on, and you, my love, have been an inspiration that has helped me improve :) xoxo