Monday, April 25

vegas babyy

ohhkay, so you know how you make unbelievably fun plans? 
and sometimes they just fall through or don't end up as you wished?
OR, sometimes they end up 10 times better?
yeah. i'll take the latter.
 cause that's what happened this weekend.
from horseback riding to mandalay beach's lazy river. 
bubble baths to chicken madeira at Cheesecake.
from tranny's who love us to the tallest black man i've met. 
from our new "hello game" to british accents all through the casinos. 
from buying lots of -yep, you guessed it- dresses from H&M to people watching. 
from dancing to street side bands to making friends with everyone we walked past. 
we just had some good, ole fashioned, wholesome fun :)
i'd say this weekend was a success. and what's better? next weekend we'll do it all again at a suite in the hotel next door, Luxor. 

mandalay beach.

such a natural picture. i love this one :)

bubble baths? yess please.

walkin the strip.

 clearly, we became fast friends. 

my very first tranny friend. he's pretty.

always gotta find some black boys in vegas.
(look close,  the 2nd one is hiding on the left)

- little

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