Friday, April 29


 9 reasons why i'm a happy little miss.
why 9? because its the best number ever. that's why.
because i only have 1 final exam left, then i'm freee. and oh so excited to start my summer.
because colorful bandaids make everything more fun. 
because pants are finally non-existant in my wardrobe. that's the way it should always be.
because i like that when i'm in my bed, no one can even tell, nor find me. little. 
because h & m is coming to salt lake. dreams do come true.
because i 'like' everything that makes me happy on fbook. even if i hardly know the person.
because my roomies have left me little notes here & there that just brighten my day so much.
because i can finally go home and see mister all day everyday in less than a week.
because this song below is mind blowing. and all i think of is dk when i hear it. plus, this band has been filling my ears all day and i've been so pleased.

all my many notes as of late. i adore my girls :)

telll me that doesn't make it cute. i don't even hate getting cuts now.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

um... I really enjoyed that song. It definitely relaxed me --I'm mind blown, if you will :) Sorry that my listening to it made me miss the conversation you were trying to have with me HAHA.

I loved this blog though ms. hay. You are adorable. Especially because you are so little -making it so we cannot find you in the cloud/bed :) xo