Monday, April 11

soundtrack to my life.

my spring & summer playlist :)
not even close to ALL the songs i want, but it'll do for now.

i've handpicked songs that bring me back to driving with the windows down. wearing little dresses. sticking to the leather seats. swimming in lakes, pools, ponds- ANYWHERE with water. laying out. sippin some starbucks. brunch at Park Cafe (best chais ever). sleepovers with best friends & boyfriend. walking around downtown at dusk. eating sushi every tuesday night at Ichiban. girls nights. parties with my brother & his crew. daily hikes with ollie & the cutest boy alive. road trips. double date picnics up the canyon. concerts every thursday. monthly zoo trips with D and the babies. playing/kissing in the rain.

if you can't tell, i'm a little excited. 

 summer sunnshine.
sunlight- harlem shakes
sun of a gun-oh land
boys & girls in love- the rumble strips
40 day dream-edward sharp & the magnetic zeros
5 years time- noah & the whale
when they fight, they fight-the generationals
she's got you-cosmo jarvis
swing tree- discovery
i think i like you- donora
lions-the features 
the bird song- florence & the machine
piper's song (aeroplane remix)- gypsy & the cat
i think i like u 2- jamaica
bang pop- free energy
l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.- noah & the whale
heartbeat- scouting for girls
ambling alp-yeasayer
something good can work- two door cinema club

thunder. rain & eyelid kisses.
take on me- anni B sweet
remember-misty miller
elephant gun-beirut
we are the people- empire of the sun
crave you- flight facilities
swimming in the flood-passion pit
pull my heart away- jack penate
kiss me again-jessica lea mayfield
gay sons of lesbian mothers- kaki king
the rain- lenny ibizarre
wild thing- misty miller
dawn of time- tribal seeds
in the aeroplane over the sea- neutral milk hotel

let's get this party started riiiight.
tthhee ppaarrttyy- justice
four floors(diplo remix) -sunday girl
stay crunchy-ronald jenkees
werewolf(omega remix)- cocorosie
down by the water(soundmen remix)-the drums
you are not a robot- hoodie allen
show goes on- lupe fiasco
cameras- matt & kim
bow chicka wow wow- mike posner
1901 ft. kid cudi-pheonix
where is my mind? (dub remix)- the pixies
did it again ft. kid cudi- shakira
i can talk-two door cinema club

like really, from the KINDNESS OF MY HEART are these songs being publicized. 
(a good majority cannot be found on itunes, so you could say they're for elite ears)
only because you actually have to know me, care enough about my life to read my blog and trust my taste in music to appreciate these songs.
and for doing those things? i like you heaps and piles and stacks and mounds.

this is what my world sounds like on a daily basis.
Little's Soundtrack



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Madi Bringhurst said...

umm... you realize this is going to bring me so much joy when I go and look up/listen to all of these songs. This IS from the kindness of your heart to share these pearls! haha I'm tellin' ya girl, you are the queen of music. I know its silly, but I really admire you for it. Your music makes you ...that much more beautiful.. weird to say I know? I don't know how to explain it. But it just does :) love always. your fan, mj