Sunday, May 29

spontaneity at its finest.

in my books, its officially summer.  why, you ask? i shall tell you. because somehow, at the beginning of every summer, there are a few rituals that subconsciously come together without any planning or premeditating which undoubtedly mark the months to come. the zoo, bear lake, red butte hikes, road trips  and provo canyon picnics are just a few of these annual events. and this weekend 2 of them came together.

first, the zoo. friday, i found out i'd be watching both kids (henry is often at school when i nanny) so we packed some lunches, threw a diaper bag together and ventured off to that great place. it definitely helps to have a best friend who loves the zoo as much as any 6 year old to help out.

just two little boys in the dinosaur shop

baby girl :)

he loves them. they adore him. its too cute.

they're really good at settling down for pictures.

my favorite animal in the whole wide world. 
aside from elephants, of course.

obsessed with these two.

we're part asian. its fine.

giving derek sass? weirrrrd.

this little one stole my heart 25 months ago :)

next, bear lake.  after the zoo on friday, derek and i settled down to watch Tangled- we really like children's activities, what of it?- and once it ended, we realized that in two hours, my cousin and derek's best friend, will,  would be graduating from high school in bear lake. so within minutes, we gathered some belongings and hit the road. somehow managing to get there on time, though slightly disheveled. after spending a night with all my family and friends up there, we got some bear lakey raspberry shakies, walked to the beach and had a picnic while blasting quality music. then had to say goodbye to our favorite place on earth and head home.

 my precious little cousins. 'cept, they're not so little cause
 i'm wearing 5 inchers and i'm still shorter.
they're not even out of elementary. s'not right.

quick n' tasty 

lovin' us some shakies

 beautiful bear lake, my second home. 

 i'll think i'll keep this lil guy

i'm definitely not a spontaneous person (everyone knows how i'd die without a planner in hand at all times) but i'm glad i have someone that forces me to step outside the box and have a little fun here and there.


Wednesday, May 25

don't mind if i do.

oh, how i love being nice.
because being nice means making people happy.
and when people are happy, they give you free stuff.
which means you get dessert even when your budget won't allow it.
thank you, all my friends at ichiban, you always spoil me.


Tuesday, May 24

ruffle my feathers.

this is a long time in coming. there are just some things that vex me beyond belief. i must document my pet peeves.

- snoring. the most annoying sound in the world. just to add to the fact that i can't sleep with any noise at all. so it's a double whammy for me. thaaank heaven derek doesn't. or we probably wouldn't have lasted this long. i'm being dead serious.

- flip flops. yes. i realize they are convenient for the beach, easy for errands. but they are atrocious. and on boys? don't even get me started.

-  limp handshakes. really? if you're a guy, i promise you're not hurting me if you actually grasp my hand with the slightest amount of force. the only thing you're hurting is your own pride.

- lack of punctuation throughout  a whole text.  (that one's for you dk) a comma can change the whole dynamic of a sentence. example:  -->

- for that matter, just bad grammar in general. i may or may not judge you when it comes to this.

- runners running nude (or close enough). still a pressing issue for me. are you that in need of attention?

- obscene fbook posts. no joke, i saw this on a girls wall (from her boyfriend) " 8======D [{}] ? "
ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE?!?! class it up a bit.

- bashing mormons or the mormon religion. you know what? we're normal. i'd even go as far to say that we're pretty damn great.

- extensions that are clearly obvious. you're not fooling anyone, darling. disclaimer: after getting an earful from cousins and good friends about my last comment on extensions, i've decided to settle to just the ugly, very conspicuous kind. though i will always think real things are better than fake..just sayin.

- people who bring children to the dog park. then proceed to admonish me for my dog being stoked on seeing someone her size. 

- exclamations at the end of every sentence, unless there for a reason. like unbridled excitement. 

- thinking less of a person because they swear. its a word. not a sin. get it straight. plus, the more you judge, the more i'll do it. so go ahead and test me on that one.

- saying someone is too happy. wow. what a crime. 

- using the words 'legit' and 'epic'. use the words 'epic' and 'fail' together? might as well shoot me now.

- being called sketchy. just like the swearing thing, if you don't like something i do, i'll do it tenfold. 

- kitten heels. go big, or go home.  translation: 4+ inches or flats. (not possible for everyone, i get it. mostly a personal issue)

- deciding how someone dresses is right or wrong. my thighs often show, my shoulders often bear, my shirts don't reach my collar bone. annnd i'm a perfectly decent specimen. funny how that works.

-the lady who sings opera behind you in church. not so much her as the fact that you can't even hear yourself sing. so you end up singing louder, which then happens to be out of tune cause you still can't hear yourself. yeah. it's a mess.

- parents who yell at their kids. especially in public.

- people who think that others do/write/say things in spite of, for or because of them. take a look around, there are 6 billion other people that live in this world. you're not the only one.

- dog and/or animal abusers. no way, no how. 

i promise i'm still a nice person.
just don't do these things in my presence and you'll get to see that side :)



i like The Bachelorette.

                                    ..maybe even love.


Monday, May 23

yes, pleeease.

it has been a while since i have blogged, but you haven't missed much at all.
 i've been quite a homebody as of late. in fact, i've been teaching myself how to cook.
this is both a miracle and disaster in one.
miracle being because i've never had any interest;
i went 16 years having my mother create masterpieces for me,
then found a boyfriend who is some kind of genius in the kitchen, as well.
so, my main job is to consume. and boy, i do it well.
its a disaster because i often don't use cookbooks. i wing it- cause that's what suz does.

BUT, i concocted homemade alfredo. no recipe, no prior knowledge. 
 just the memory of it being made in my presence a time or two.
mix that with sauteed mushrooms and shrimp over spinach ravioli 
and voile! my own chef d'oeuvre.
i'm like really proud. it's fine.

anywhoo. today is monday. and i'm oh so excited cause that means GIRLS NIGHT!
which means my favorite girls getting together, eating yummy food at exquisite places,
 then playing all around the valley.
but tonight, the premiere of bachelorette starts, 
which will be our newest addition to girls night: salt lake edition.
actually, lemme tell you something. i was NEVER a lover of the bachelor/ettes before college.
then, when all the girls made sure to watch it every monday, i became hooked.
probably because of michelle. she was easily the best.
but that also means i've never actually watched the bachelorette. 
so tonight will be a first and who knows if i'll even like it.

we shall see!


Thursday, May 19

tippy top

top 10 reasons i liked today (but technically, yesterday)

  • i woke up to my family eating breakfast in the kitchen. haven't seen that in a lonnng time. it was neat.
  • i stuck my middle finger to the sky (not literally) and wore a dress anyway.
  • i  brushed my hair today. yes, that is a special occurrence for me. 
  • i saw Arthur. and though i went begrudgingly, i ended up laughing at every part.
  • i got to snuggle up in lots of blankets while the rain fell.  that's my favorite rainy day activity.
  • i hung out in the orem mall for 2 hours. i know, i know. i'm too wild. 
  • i ate my dodo left overs. i was ever so pleased. i've missed that place.
  • i turned on every flashy ball in the asian gift store before leaving. twas one big box of strobes.
  • i was featured on my new friend, erinn's blog. she is just too great. check her blog on my list of pretties to the right -->
  • and finally, because i spent the whole day with this fellow here:

the shirt. the backpack. the face. 
he is adorable.


Tuesday, May 17

doesn't get better..

florence & the machine & the xx. 
they were made for each other.

two of thee best artists coloborated to make the best song ever.
its the anthem of h&d.

it is amazing.


Monday, May 16

little surprises.

whilst sitting alone watching tv, adorned with day old makeup, sweats and a 5th grade school t-shirt that mysteriously still fits me, i heard someone come in the door. my parents are fixing up our house next door, so i figured it was one of them and didn't bother looking back to acknowledge their presence (i'm a really nice person, right?). 

the next moment, i felt a kiss on my forehead. dad? i mean that's somewhat normal behavior for the guy, seemed a little too lingering. not dad. the only other guy near would be my brother. he would never do that, thank goodness. then who? finally, the familiar smell, the long kiss and Ollie's ecstatic seizure-like behavior dawned on me. it was my adorable derek clay. he was supposedly in provo and not able to come to see me tonight, which he had informed me of just minutes before on the phone, although between the telling his friends to hush and acting sheisty, i should've realized something was up.  i looked back, jumped on my couch - so i could try to be eye level- and hugged him ferociously. not letting him go for a solid 5.

he had me smell his shirt, he was wearing my favorite cologne. he showed off the shirt reminding me that it was the one i purchased for him 2 christmases ago and proceeded to tell me i was a 12 out of 10, sweats and all (should i be concerned about how easily he can lie?). then after all our chatting, he told me there was a car full of boys waiting for him cause they were running errands in salt lake. and all too soon, he was gone again.

its odd to me that i see him almost everyday now, have been with him for 3 years and have had at least a million times bajillion kisses from him, yet this time, it seemed so special. i was all smiles, he was all smiles. i couldn't even let go of him. i had seen him less than a day before when we went camping and slept in a cramped car forcing us to sleep so close, that i'm pretty sure we could pass for siamese twins for the night. but still, i felt like we were back to month 1 of our relayshe. 

i don't know what it was about that 20 minute visit, but little surprises like that are what makes life so worthwhile. and even though little, they are also the things that fill our hearts the most.

found this. loved it. perfect fit.


Saturday, May 14

just a few thoughts & concerns

first off, when i think of heaven, i think of perfection. where everything we love and need is right at our fingertips.okayy yeah, obviously, that sounds superb. BUT. i hear we don't need to eat in heaven. or sleep.
and we don't wear clothes cause we're like spirits or whatev.
yeah. not gonna fly with me. you see, that rules out everything i love doing.
EATING. SLEEPING. wearing dresses. so.. how could i call that perfect?
i think of this often. and it stresses me out.
almost as much as the fact that there is no beginning or end..
but let us please not get into that right now. i get anxiety. as an advocate of planners & to do lists, not having finality in a situation makes me uneasy.

dos. my good friend, kody probst, is going on a limb this summer and traveling around a few states to interview homeless people for their one piece of advice they have for the world, capturing a soulful picture and creating a coffee table book out of it. i think its brilliant. if you have interest, look here to see his A Journey Home[less] tumblr. plus he's the funniest guy i know. so its worth it to at least take a gander :)

trois. speaking of tumblr's, i have recently made one. seeing as i have a blog, i decided i just wanted to post daily pictures, quotes, and something i'm thankful for, so that you don't have an overdose of my life. i quite like it. its called wild child. i just may like that phrase a lot or something..maybe not. you can find me at or, just click here if your laziness is like unto mine, and far too all encompassing to actually click stuff and type in so many letters.

fohh. i've sat in my room for 2 hours now. i'm supposed to be cleaning it.. thus this blog post has come to pass. this feels something similar to when i was a kid.. well. at least i've successfully found a way to cling to my childhood.

fivers. i've used scriptural phrases and/or references quite a bit amidst this post. weird.

six. each number has been in a different language, dialect or lingo without realization on my part. [first off] one of those annoying debating type people ( [dos] mexicano [trois] your average frenchman. [fohh] thug talk. i would know about that. i am one. [fivers] a dad you wish would stop embarrassing you. [six] the boring exception to my list of lingo.

i have successfully avoided cleaning my room for another 15 minutes. 

-haylie h.

Friday, May 13

20 life lessons.

this shall be my first post as a 20 year old girl. i cannot believe i'm in my twenties now, i don't even like that. it seems so surreal.  i remember back when i was in my awkward tween years and thought that by the time i was 20, i'd be ready for marriage, mature and wise. i mean, obviously i'm wise as hell, but tween me did not realize that 20 me would still be so young. i would never, could never be married right now. i love my carefree life much too much for such a drastic change. plus, i'm still learning.
and within the next decade. i will be married. i'll be having kids. i'll be doing my own taxes.
i'll be working out mortgages & bills. umm ohhkay NO thank you.
there is no better incentive for me to stay in the confines of my parents house than that, regardless of the reins pulled oh so tightly by bob & suz.
all in all, i have much to learn but here is what i have learned in my 2 decades on earth.

1. be nice to people. cause, simply put, they won't be nice back if not.

2.  always remember that it doesn't matter what people think of you. even if you're chubs with frizzy hair & a gap in your teeth the size of a football goal post. AND you wear overalls. that stuff just shouldn't matter to the ones who care.

3.  find something(s) that makes you happy. and hold on to it.

4. keep your family closest. they will be there longest, after all.

5. find music that relates, that means a lot to you and that will help you release or withhold what is needed. listen to it often. then find more.

6. eff up. make mistakes. be stupid. you'll learn someday. there is no better teacher.

7. stay young as long as possible. 

8. LOVE with all your heart. even if you are at risk of getting hurt. you just never know what's around the corner.

9. even when being wild, stay grounded. keep a pocket full o' goals. 

10. cherish what you have. realize on a daily basis how lucky you are.

11. look at the big picture. this applies to school, boys, friends, decisions. anything, really.

12. DON'T JUDGE. piercings, addictions, habits, tattoos mean nothing. look for more in a person.

13. whistle when you're happiest. also, sing in the shower. loudly. 

14. be honest, be reliable. and be someone that anyone can trust. 

15. don't hurt the people that matter most. don't hurt anyone for that matter, especially if they've given you any part of themselves.

16. always expect the unexpected.

17.  be responsible. try to slowly introduce yourself into adulthood before its thrust upon you.

18. compliment people often. but genuinely. no one likes an empty accolade. 

19. people will always surprise you. and be open to that. whether its good or bad.

20. BE YOU. find who that is, and rep it like your favorite sports team. no matter what. if you can't even cheer for yourself, who will?



Sunday, May 8

home sweeet home.

i am finally here. back in the 801.
i cried while leaving geezy. no. i am not ashamed.
i just hate change, is all.
my parents have already reprimanded me on my clothing, messes and curfew.
i think i'll die this summer.
farewell freedom. hello hinderances.
i just hope everyone keeps giving me presents. 
i'll consider looking on the bright side if that is the case.
detailing my car, flowers, lots of lunch dates, sleepovers -
keep it up, brother & derek.

nahh, but really.
this summer will be quality.
life is what you make it, after all.
and mine shall be sublime.

anywho. happy mothers day to all the cute little mothers in this world.

                                              { eight oh one }

Thursday, May 5

inside this little head.

i always find myself thinking about the following subjects, so i figured, i may as well blog it. its a good enough prompt--

    i think it is so sad that some people invest their lives so heavily into one or many others lives that they lose themselves. when people look for similarities, differences & flaws in another person, it ends up having quite an adverse effect, oddly enough. the thing is, i'm really not even being sarcastic. i think its sad. because i'm a firm believer in living your own life. don't let other people consume your thoughts and actions so much that you have to try to prove yourself in various ways. let them do their thing, while you do yours.
    as for me, i know i'm not perfect. i, by no means, am an angel. they call me wild child for a reason. given, i'm a lot more tame than most, but i do what i do, when i want, with who i want to and where i want. selfish? maybe so. but hey, from being that way, i've learned to be my own kind of happy.
    a big part of that is knowing my goals for the future. i want to marry the love of my life, have a family,  have the gospel and be happy. more than anything, i want happiness. i want crow's feet on the corners of my eyes to show off my lifetime of joy. i want smile lines around my mouth from so much laughing. and i want to look back to when i was a twenty year old little thing, and know that i learned from every mistake, every opportunity and every decision that i threw myself at.
    i know that the way to get there is to be content with my own life. seriously, when i say i'm a grateful person, i mean it. every single day, i look at my life and just think "how did i get so lucky?" i have everything. i find joy in anything, and that is why i began this post the way that i did. 
    i know a lot of girls compare, trust me, i know that firsthand. compare yourself to peers, to celebrities, to models or even friends of friends (thanks facebook). compare lips, noses, style, hair & social lives. but honestly, we all just need to appreciate OURSELVES . love your hair, though it may not have the perfect texture. love your bod, even though its not as toned as you'd like. love your annoying laugh, though it may sound something like a hyena's cackle. ( that one's a work in progress for me)
    i feel like i've learned these things firsthand. the more you appreciate yourself and become fully aware of who you are and what you want, the less amount of imperfections you'll find in yourself, and mostly, in others. because once you start down that rickety trail of finding and/or looking for flaws in yourself, the more you'll find in others. which then turns right back around so you're, once again, facing your own defects. its a never ending circle of self loathing and enmity towards others. 
   have i perfected this? not even close. but i try daily. even people that seem to rub me the wrong way, i try to think of their positive attributes and if that doesn't entirely fix the issue, it at least helps it.  and until i have perfected it, i think i'll keep trying. 

 i'll end this with some quality quotes from Dr. Seuss. 
no one ever says it better than him.


Wednesday, May 4


happy birthday to a mother who is:
verrry protective of her children.
tiny, like me.
exceptionally beautiful.
beyond sassy. (its explains a lot)
the hardest worker i know.
so very intelligent.
strong in the church.
theee best cook. ever.

and easily, the only mother who could raise children like me & my brothers..
and still be here to tell the tale.

thank you to all those years of putting your kids first, loving dad so much, ALWAYS making our house spotless & decorated so adorably, for being a whiz in the kitchen, for knowing how to fix everything without medicine, for teaching me how to be assertive, for not allowing me to do my own hair for the first 10 years of my life, for staying up to watch movies with me,  for letting me call you "woman" for the last 5 years without getting mad, for reprimanding me when needed (and often at that). for having answers to everything, and for turning our whole entire basement into a costco. (end of the world disasters? you've got nothin' on suzanne hennefer)

and mostly, for teaching me to be like you. 
for my husbands sake, i hope i carry many of your attributes on throughout my life.
your looks and impeccable ability to age well wouldn't hurt either.
(derek agrees to all of the above--except the sass, we both could tone down on that one)

i love you, woman. 
even though we butt heads on the reg,
i couldn't ask for a better mother.

-haylie suzanne

Tuesday, May 3


b e s t weekend ever.
nothing worked out exactly as planned,
but life is what you make of it. 
so we made it good.
we played hard in vegas, 
shopped until we dropped
(who knew that was a literal term)
purchased almost everything i could ever want.
then came home to a fun night of laughing, 
watched an unreeeal polygamist mystery movie,
and had an all-nighter spent with some quality people.
after going to bed at 6 and waking up a few hours later,
i then studied & took my LAST final.
thus the beginning of my last (and best) week at Dixie State College.

i think its safe to say that i've had one of the best college experiences ever down here.
spending all night laughing.
going to vegas on the regg.
two words: party bus. 
eating out every possible meal.
finding new friends daily.
the hay & jay show. all 20+ episodes.
inside jokes up the WHAZZAM.
hot tubbing every night.
laying out all day.
the occasional class and/or test.
laugh it off. at everything.
huge sleepovers with boys we just met.
documenting life through a million and three pictures.
all nighters.
funny pranks. childish pranks. prank calls. any sort, really.
DTR. jas & hay style.
crazy eye-opening experiences that positively change your outlook on life. 
sitting at a best friend's work even when its not your shift just to play.
sunsets on roofs & mountain ledges.
themed parties.
homemade music videos.
girls nights. 
days at the lake.
horseback riding.
eating pickles, mangos & nutella like there's no tomorrow.
-not together, no worries-
the bond & love that comes from having roommates.
laughing. laughing. laughing.
and mostly, finding exactly who i am.
and being quite proud of it.

and on a muuuch more personal note, here is a section for my wonderful roomies:
as i've often mentioned, i believe there's a reason for everything.
and even though i had nothing in the world to come to st. george for,
i know without a doubt that there was a purpose to it.
i'm so thankful for all my girls--
sierra, jasmine, kylie, tehya, madi & jessica, for loving me like y'all do :)
even though i know it can be a tedious task at times.
thank you for continually praising, following & supporting my silly little blog- 
-the simplest but most meaningful act, if you ask me.
thanks for listening to me vent, cry, sing, whistle, talk for dayyys and annoyingly giggle at everything.
i love you all and i thank you especially for a memorable first official year of college. 
annnd its not ending here. summer & fall will only bring us new adventures!


football sidelines.

movie night at D4.

watching emma jane at Tuacahn

my girl tehya. don't worry, she has her diet coke.

madi's 20th :)

 we are lookers.

 girls night.

 dances in cedar.

 on our way to see matty open his mish call

 jousty's farewell

 twin stance number 10298374                            

we. are. cuuute.

taking it back to first grade.

my most adorable friend :)                                                           

the most common sight to be seen.

very very normal girls.

gorgeous kyle.

cheers to a good year!

- haylie