Saturday, May 14

just a few thoughts & concerns

first off, when i think of heaven, i think of perfection. where everything we love and need is right at our fingertips.okayy yeah, obviously, that sounds superb. BUT. i hear we don't need to eat in heaven. or sleep.
and we don't wear clothes cause we're like spirits or whatev.
yeah. not gonna fly with me. you see, that rules out everything i love doing.
EATING. SLEEPING. wearing dresses. so.. how could i call that perfect?
i think of this often. and it stresses me out.
almost as much as the fact that there is no beginning or end..
but let us please not get into that right now. i get anxiety. as an advocate of planners & to do lists, not having finality in a situation makes me uneasy.

dos. my good friend, kody probst, is going on a limb this summer and traveling around a few states to interview homeless people for their one piece of advice they have for the world, capturing a soulful picture and creating a coffee table book out of it. i think its brilliant. if you have interest, look here to see his A Journey Home[less] tumblr. plus he's the funniest guy i know. so its worth it to at least take a gander :)

trois. speaking of tumblr's, i have recently made one. seeing as i have a blog, i decided i just wanted to post daily pictures, quotes, and something i'm thankful for, so that you don't have an overdose of my life. i quite like it. its called wild child. i just may like that phrase a lot or something..maybe not. you can find me at or, just click here if your laziness is like unto mine, and far too all encompassing to actually click stuff and type in so many letters.

fohh. i've sat in my room for 2 hours now. i'm supposed to be cleaning it.. thus this blog post has come to pass. this feels something similar to when i was a kid.. well. at least i've successfully found a way to cling to my childhood.

fivers. i've used scriptural phrases and/or references quite a bit amidst this post. weird.

six. each number has been in a different language, dialect or lingo without realization on my part. [first off] one of those annoying debating type people ( [dos] mexicano [trois] your average frenchman. [fohh] thug talk. i would know about that. i am one. [fivers] a dad you wish would stop embarrassing you. [six] the boring exception to my list of lingo.

i have successfully avoided cleaning my room for another 15 minutes. 

-haylie h.

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