Tuesday, May 24

ruffle my feathers.

this is a long time in coming. there are just some things that vex me beyond belief. i must document my pet peeves.

- snoring. the most annoying sound in the world. just to add to the fact that i can't sleep with any noise at all. so it's a double whammy for me. thaaank heaven derek doesn't. or we probably wouldn't have lasted this long. i'm being dead serious.

- flip flops. yes. i realize they are convenient for the beach, easy for errands. but they are atrocious. and on boys? don't even get me started.

-  limp handshakes. really? if you're a guy, i promise you're not hurting me if you actually grasp my hand with the slightest amount of force. the only thing you're hurting is your own pride.

- lack of punctuation throughout  a whole text.  (that one's for you dk) a comma can change the whole dynamic of a sentence. example:  -->

- for that matter, just bad grammar in general. i may or may not judge you when it comes to this.

- runners running nude (or close enough). still a pressing issue for me. are you that in need of attention?

- obscene fbook posts. no joke, i saw this on a girls wall (from her boyfriend) " 8======D [{}] ? "
ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE?!?! class it up a bit.

- bashing mormons or the mormon religion. you know what? we're normal. i'd even go as far to say that we're pretty damn great.

- extensions that are clearly obvious. you're not fooling anyone, darling. disclaimer: after getting an earful from cousins and good friends about my last comment on extensions, i've decided to settle to just the ugly, very conspicuous kind. though i will always think real things are better than fake..just sayin.

- people who bring children to the dog park. then proceed to admonish me for my dog being stoked on seeing someone her size. 

- exclamations at the end of every sentence, unless there for a reason. like unbridled excitement. 

- thinking less of a person because they swear. its a word. not a sin. get it straight. plus, the more you judge, the more i'll do it. so go ahead and test me on that one.

- saying someone is too happy. wow. what a crime. 

- using the words 'legit' and 'epic'. use the words 'epic' and 'fail' together? might as well shoot me now.

- being called sketchy. just like the swearing thing, if you don't like something i do, i'll do it tenfold. 

- kitten heels. go big, or go home.  translation: 4+ inches or flats. (not possible for everyone, i get it. mostly a personal issue)

- deciding how someone dresses is right or wrong. my thighs often show, my shoulders often bear, my shirts don't reach my collar bone. annnd i'm a perfectly decent specimen. funny how that works.

-the lady who sings opera behind you in church. not so much her as the fact that you can't even hear yourself sing. so you end up singing louder, which then happens to be out of tune cause you still can't hear yourself. yeah. it's a mess.

- parents who yell at their kids. especially in public.

- people who think that others do/write/say things in spite of, for or because of them. take a look around, there are 6 billion other people that live in this world. you're not the only one.

- dog and/or animal abusers. no way, no how. 

i promise i'm still a nice person.
just don't do these things in my presence and you'll get to see that side :)


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Kristyn Elise said...

Haylie Hennefer!!! I am so disappointed in your dress, and your language!!! I cannot believe that you are related to me!!! (o)(o) You are such an epic fail!!!

Dearest Cousin, I share many of those same pet peeves. I don't mess with extensions or heels, cause let's face it, I'm NOT girly. I wear flip flops on occasion, but prefer naked feet.

I'm gonna add two more to your list.
Hair on a bar of soap. Ew, just ew.
People who leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot. The cart storage is RIGHT there, lazy ass.
Love you