Monday, May 16

little surprises.

whilst sitting alone watching tv, adorned with day old makeup, sweats and a 5th grade school t-shirt that mysteriously still fits me, i heard someone come in the door. my parents are fixing up our house next door, so i figured it was one of them and didn't bother looking back to acknowledge their presence (i'm a really nice person, right?). 

the next moment, i felt a kiss on my forehead. dad? i mean that's somewhat normal behavior for the guy, seemed a little too lingering. not dad. the only other guy near would be my brother. he would never do that, thank goodness. then who? finally, the familiar smell, the long kiss and Ollie's ecstatic seizure-like behavior dawned on me. it was my adorable derek clay. he was supposedly in provo and not able to come to see me tonight, which he had informed me of just minutes before on the phone, although between the telling his friends to hush and acting sheisty, i should've realized something was up.  i looked back, jumped on my couch - so i could try to be eye level- and hugged him ferociously. not letting him go for a solid 5.

he had me smell his shirt, he was wearing my favorite cologne. he showed off the shirt reminding me that it was the one i purchased for him 2 christmases ago and proceeded to tell me i was a 12 out of 10, sweats and all (should i be concerned about how easily he can lie?). then after all our chatting, he told me there was a car full of boys waiting for him cause they were running errands in salt lake. and all too soon, he was gone again.

its odd to me that i see him almost everyday now, have been with him for 3 years and have had at least a million times bajillion kisses from him, yet this time, it seemed so special. i was all smiles, he was all smiles. i couldn't even let go of him. i had seen him less than a day before when we went camping and slept in a cramped car forcing us to sleep so close, that i'm pretty sure we could pass for siamese twins for the night. but still, i felt like we were back to month 1 of our relayshe. 

i don't know what it was about that 20 minute visit, but little surprises like that are what makes life so worthwhile. and even though little, they are also the things that fill our hearts the most.

found this. loved it. perfect fit.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

oh my goodness. absolutely adorable. looooved this ms. hay!! :)