Wednesday, May 4


happy birthday to a mother who is:
verrry protective of her children.
tiny, like me.
exceptionally beautiful.
beyond sassy. (its explains a lot)
the hardest worker i know.
so very intelligent.
strong in the church.
theee best cook. ever.

and easily, the only mother who could raise children like me & my brothers..
and still be here to tell the tale.

thank you to all those years of putting your kids first, loving dad so much, ALWAYS making our house spotless & decorated so adorably, for being a whiz in the kitchen, for knowing how to fix everything without medicine, for teaching me how to be assertive, for not allowing me to do my own hair for the first 10 years of my life, for staying up to watch movies with me,  for letting me call you "woman" for the last 5 years without getting mad, for reprimanding me when needed (and often at that). for having answers to everything, and for turning our whole entire basement into a costco. (end of the world disasters? you've got nothin' on suzanne hennefer)

and mostly, for teaching me to be like you. 
for my husbands sake, i hope i carry many of your attributes on throughout my life.
your looks and impeccable ability to age well wouldn't hurt either.
(derek agrees to all of the above--except the sass, we both could tone down on that one)

i love you, woman. 
even though we butt heads on the reg,
i couldn't ask for a better mother.

-haylie suzanne

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Madi Bringhurst said...

too. darn. cute.

I seriously look up to your sweet mother so much. There isn't anything she CAN'T do! You two are both gorgeous, intelligent, fearless women, who are always going to make your families proud--and your adopted family members like me :)

Happy Birthday Miss Suzanne. You have always been like a second mom to me. Haylie may not ALWAYS enjoy hearing about your food storage ideas, and all the crazy things you know about the world, but I could sit and listen to you all day! The things you know!! Blows my mind. haha I hope to be as good of a mother as you one day!

xoxo i love my cute hennefer girls!