Monday, May 23

yes, pleeease.

it has been a while since i have blogged, but you haven't missed much at all.
 i've been quite a homebody as of late. in fact, i've been teaching myself how to cook.
this is both a miracle and disaster in one.
miracle being because i've never had any interest;
i went 16 years having my mother create masterpieces for me,
then found a boyfriend who is some kind of genius in the kitchen, as well.
so, my main job is to consume. and boy, i do it well.
its a disaster because i often don't use cookbooks. i wing it- cause that's what suz does.

BUT, i concocted homemade alfredo. no recipe, no prior knowledge. 
 just the memory of it being made in my presence a time or two.
mix that with sauteed mushrooms and shrimp over spinach ravioli 
and voile! my own chef d'oeuvre.
i'm like really proud. it's fine.

anywhoo. today is monday. and i'm oh so excited cause that means GIRLS NIGHT!
which means my favorite girls getting together, eating yummy food at exquisite places,
 then playing all around the valley.
but tonight, the premiere of bachelorette starts, 
which will be our newest addition to girls night: salt lake edition.
actually, lemme tell you something. i was NEVER a lover of the bachelor/ettes before college.
then, when all the girls made sure to watch it every monday, i became hooked.
probably because of michelle. she was easily the best.
but that also means i've never actually watched the bachelorette. 
so tonight will be a first and who knows if i'll even like it.

we shall see!


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