Sunday, May 8

home sweeet home.

i am finally here. back in the 801.
i cried while leaving geezy. no. i am not ashamed.
i just hate change, is all.
my parents have already reprimanded me on my clothing, messes and curfew.
i think i'll die this summer.
farewell freedom. hello hinderances.
i just hope everyone keeps giving me presents. 
i'll consider looking on the bright side if that is the case.
detailing my car, flowers, lots of lunch dates, sleepovers -
keep it up, brother & derek.

nahh, but really.
this summer will be quality.
life is what you make it, after all.
and mine shall be sublime.

anywho. happy mothers day to all the cute little mothers in this world.

                                              { eight oh one }

1 comment:

Chelsee said...

You're back?!? All summer?!? Photo shoot now PLEASE! :) I missed you!