Sunday, August 14

copy. paste.

happy happy 2 months to my little twinsies! 
even though i thought there was nothing cuter on june 14, 
i've realized that you are ten times more darling now.
especially when you guys copy each other, mirror image style.

little z.

elle's roller coaster pose. already got herself a trademark move.
my job is done. for now.

i'll love you always, bogo babies.

 - your best (and only) auntie

Thursday, August 4

this week's survival kit:

i could (and often do) eat a bowl a day. 
sea salt is the key.

best friends.
the kind where you can pick up right where you left off at. even after weeks apart.
and if that mean taking a million and two ridiculous pictures, so be it.

is it weird that i have as much fun with her as i do a human? 
this captures our relationship with exactness. i love it lots.

you already knew that. but really. between work, school, additional nannying, and my other job called derek- i hardly have time to breathe lately.

in any and all forms. i just can't get enough.
and so i ate another just now.

- and last but definitely not least -

music of the 60s & 70s.
for the last few months, i've been overly obsessed with old music. this one is one of the favorites. 
i'm sure you've heard it too. its so good Target used it on a commercial.