Thursday, December 29

i heart jeffrey.

it was just a jeffrey campbell kind of christmas. 


Sunday, December 18

music to my ears

it's like a mix between Lights, Anni B Sweet and some Passion Pit. 

i love alex w.

best of the best. 


Wednesday, December 14

early christmas presents

i had a splendid surprise last night when i got 100% on my final.
then to add to that, i got a call from the boy who had an interview while i was at school.
in that short period of an hour, he had the first, then second interview, and was then told he was hired.

so, being the perfect girlfriend that i so obviously am, i made him (but, also me) a celebratory dinner. 
lemon garlic pasta with sauteed mushrooms and shrimp. 
you can be impressed, cause i sure am.

and even though he will now be making almost double what i make, 
and i'm actually really bitter about that, i am so proud of him :) 

and he ain't bad on the eyes either.
even in his 'holiday card' pose.

but even more so while cuddling with the punk.

i like him.
 i like him a whole lot.


Saturday, December 10

greetings from the 3 coolest kids in town.

haylie. anne brady. henry

"haya, you shouldn't have any toys cause you are supposed to be a grown up... 
but i know you're really just a kid"


Monday, December 5

sometimes i get grinchy, but usually i'm nice.

angry elf:

i hate colored lights. especially ones with purple and blue. purple and blue aren't christmas colors. 

i loathe the abbreve 'X-mas'. so much.

i think christmas light nets thrown over bushes are terrible. TERRIBLE.

SANTA! i know him:

i really like homely christmas trees. they melt my heart and all of a sudden their homeliness takes on some sort of personification and i want to be friends. 

identical nieces in holiday apparel; don't even get me started. 

i think fireplaces are divine.

its cute seeing little cars hauling big trees on top.

steamers are the yummiest.

my favorite is hearing christmas songs by the best bands. (see below)

i like being as pale as a goose and not minding. for once in my life. 

and finally, wearing the puffiest northface i can find, ensemble sweats, a scarf wrapped up to my nose and hideous old boots from high school. looking that good and going in public. i don't even care.

this song makes me the happiest.

Thursday, November 24

milo boy.

Once upon a brisk morning, there lie a small girl in her giant bed.
as she heard someone walking up the stairs to her room, she was instantly peeved.
for this girl liked sleep just about as much as a bear. possibly more. 
she scowled and raised her eyes over the blanket to see who the intruder was.
eh, it was just her best friend. he could jump in the covers for all she cared,
for she was going to sleep more, regardless of what he did.
but the sleepy haze wore off as she noticed that balled up blanket in his arms move.
the fact that he had a balled up blanket in the first place hadn't really dawned on her as odd yet.
but the moving part awakened the most obnoxious and obvious personality flaw of hers called curiosity.
for there are only a small number of items that are bundled in blankets and wiggle around.
just then, the light blue eyes of a sleepy puppy peeped out and made a precious yawn. 
which meant that at the crack of 11, she was fully awake. a real weekend rarity. 
and guess what? she wasn't even that mad.

this is milo.
 i named him.
 mostly because i thought ollie and milo sounded cute together.
 derek tried to name his own dog.
 cool names like olympus, apollo, cronus and even his last name, killough, but spelled kilo.
 cause everyone mispronounces his last name.
here's a hint: (key-low)

 but somehow (not really, we all know why) the name milo persevered.

and guess what erinn? i even let him lick my face. with his pungent little puppy breath. 


 and while we're on the subject of pooches. ollie got in trouble last week (she kept eating my socks) so i put her in timeout. she took it really seriously. stayed there for 10 minutes. sneaking some peeks every once in a while.


Saturday, November 12

Monday, November 7

new blog on the block.

y'all, i am so happy to present to you what will become your new favorite blog to stalk.

this girl is crafty as hell.
she can bake anything.
she makes her own clothes.
she has this thing called style that i have yet to learn.
she is gorgeous.
she cleans like a good mother. 
she designs things. 
pinterest was made for her, or she for it.
i've been begging her to start a blog for dayyyys.

and so this is a special day.

those are my girls.
kylie being the very right.
and her dress? MADE IT.

so check it. 
you'll learn how to do all sorts of things.
and be entertained simultaneously.


Sunday, November 6

wild thing.

it's no surprise, i enjoy the word 'wild'. 
since the beginning, when my mother referred to me as her wild child.
then i got a bracelet to reinforce it.
it helps that Where the Wild Things Are was derek's favorite childhood book/memory.
cause then i read it with new eyes. and loved it too.
and to add to all this, after my girl Kyle introduced me to darling little misty miller, 
i found the song wild thing. 

all in all, i do consider myself a wild child.
but i don't consider that a derogatory term.
because it means i like adventure.
that i don't conform easily.
that i think swearing is funny, dammit.
that i don't take myself too seriously.
that i'd rather have fun.
that i'm just a little wild.
that i get drunk on the weekends.
that i seek attention and approval of boys.
that i'm a bitchy girl. 
that i would do anything to fit in.
or any other things that are often wrongly correlated.

i can't really explain the depth of this word, cause it probably seems silly to most.
but to me, it means being true. being happy with me.
and mostly, not losing the simple happiness of childhood.

"inside each of us there is a hidden child, you just have to learn to be wild"


Saturday, November 5

we're the ones everyone hates.

4 inches of snow outside my window this morning,
but i didn't even hate it. 
cause let's be honest.
had you been driving home with us from our double date last night, 
you would have heard us listening to 106.5
..or in other words. the christmas station.
we're those people.
judge us. whatev.

if snow means reading by the fire, listening to nat king cole and 
cuddling with our little punk, then i'm A-okay with that.

happy november 

aren't they presh?

Thursday, November 3



my cramps are making me want to punch everyone in the face.

and hate them after.

take me away.

i like waking up to rain.
i like colorful leaves.
i like snuggling.
i like candles.
i like pretty scarves.
i like soft blankets.
i like warm drinks.
i like big books.
i like sweet texts.
i like burgundy lips.
i like cinnamon.
i like old sweats.
i like bubble baths.
i like helping.
i like baking treats.
i like when a perfectly cozy moment is documented forever. 

i think i really like november.


Monday, October 24

little love.

"you kiss me, i kiss you" 
that's just how it works.

shoulder kisses. proud  smirks. breaking rules. little whispers. feeling triumphant. being sneaky.

that's love, for ya.


Sunday, October 9

i just have damn good taste in music.

not many people agree with what my little ears enjoy. but all i know is that those little ears don't lie. 
cause this is the best of the best.


Thursday, October 6

it's here.

i love when seasons change. 
there is always that one specific day that you walk outside and it hits you.

it's here.

 today was that day. and i'm so nostalgic. i can't pinpoint what exactly i feel reminiscent about, 
but i can just smell and feel it. this pleasant, yet mysterious, nostalgia has helped me embrace this atrocious thing called snow that i swear we saw just a few months ago.
what's even more elusive is the feeling that something is going to change in my life. 
something monumental. 
and guess what? i really hate change. but it sorta feels right. 

all i do know is that i'm going to get a real bad case of anxiety if something doesn't become more concise.  cause this ambiguous, carefree thing is just not doin' it for me.


Friday, September 30

lo siento.

sometimes i think back to times when i've been mean, whether intentional or not, and feel sad. I'm not a mean person at heart, i'm just really opinionated and brazen. all jokes aside, i think i have napolean complex. like really. cause what i lack in height, i make up for in attitude. my mom sometimes says she's surprised people even like me. she's clearly my number one fan.
i looked back at some of my blog posts and realized something.
 i'm a brat.
especially this post. not that i want to draw attention to how rude i can be.

so i just have this to say:

if you don't write or use correct grammar on the reg. 
i'll still talk to you all day.

if you enjoy running in a sports bra and spanks.
congratulations on your great bod and 60-story high self esteem.

if you hate animals.
just don't hurt them, and we'll be just fine.

if you like 'skyscaper' by demi levato.
i'll only decline your offer of mixed tapes, is all.

if you have fake hair.
it probably looks better than my real hair. so cheers to that.

if you wear kitten heels, flip flops or other not-so-fave shoes of mine.
at least you're lucky enough to own shoes.

if you tell me that your night was an 'epic fail'.
well.. i'll just censor that phrase out of my mind. try as i might, that one still gets me.

and if i've ever offended anyone, cause i'm sure i have, let me apologize via funnies.
 after all, that's my favorite pinning board on pinterest.

i'm dying. i can't even handle how great these are. 

apology accepted? knew it. 
nothin' a good laugh can't fix.

- little

Wednesday, September 28

my life in quotes.

"I can decipher your personality through your handwriting, wanna see?.. Looks like you are a happy and optimistic person that can't keep secrets and have a bad case of OCD"
"well that's scarily accurate"

" Haylie, please. You don't even know what compromise means. Tell me the last time you compromised anything" 
'duh. that's easy. I let us go to Chipotle instead of Barbacoa. see? compromise."

"umm.. did you know you have a huge butt? and boobies."
 "uh, did you know that you're 5 and that's inappropriate?... but yes. you've already told me 3 times. thanks."

"Are you guys drunk like me?!"
" this is just us on an average day"

"Next time i go the plastic surgeon, i'm taking you so they can give me your nose"
"next time i need to feel good, i'm coming to you"

"You have a very young face."
"you can probably attribute that to my young age. really young. baby."
"just say you're at least over 18?"
"far too young for you, my friend"

i have some solid conversations throughout the span of a week. 


Thursday, September 15

nanny : 101

do: play make believe or 'tickle monster' with them for hours.

dont:  take them to toys r us. they don't understand the concept of 'window shopping' thus resulting in draining your money.
do:  braid little b's hair at every chance. and play dress up with her. its like a living barbie
 (dream come true)

don't:  go to bed late. their sleeping in is 7:05. helllll.
do: have your hot bf come along.. cause he's just a very large child anyway

don't: be too concerned when they start ferociously biting one another. consider it bonding time.
do: take a hundred and 2 videos/pictures of them
don't: forget to hit up the barbie aisle to encourage (or enforce, whichev) their love for the best toy in the world.
do: let baby b sit on the counter as you do your makeup. and explain that not all makeup is "yip goss"

don't: fret when you decide to watch a disney movie..after they're already in bed
do: laugh when henry tells you he's 'pretending' to smoke a cigarette cause "its safer this way"
don't: let henry use a hose on his own. ever. your clothes won't dry for hours.and he'll just laugh.
do: let them dress themselves. even if that means a superman shirts and cowboy boots. 

do: invite them to come cuddle with you after they wake up. it buys you an extra 15 minutes of sleeping
don't: go with your bf and the kids in public. people will stare and ask about being a family while so young. 

do: be on the sidelines so that henry can run straight to you when he gets hurt on the field
 don't: expect them to listen. ever.

do: sneak a picture of D and henry amidst an intense game of 'toy soldiers'

come to love 2 little kids unless they're as cute as these two.


Saturday, September 10

all natural birth control.

 this is my weekend of nannying.
 or in other words, all natural birth control. 
 i've received a lot of weird looks while out. 
i sorta wish i could wear a sign around my neck saying "i swear i didn't get pregs as a tween, and then again before graduating high school. pinky swear."
 anywho. while little girl is napping, henry and i hit up the photo booth.

good lookin' people.

this little face melts my heart.

nanny abuse.

 best yogurt in all the world. try it. you'll understand.

wish me luck.


Saturday, September 3

things that might shock you:

derek and i live 2 minutes apart. (for the first time in 3 years)  i work almost every day of the week. i'm ready for winter (weird). i like to save money now (also weird). i get on fb like 1-2 times a week ( really weird - but it's okay, i'm convinced its just a phase). i'd rather read a good book than go out, as of late. i like running ( still baffles me) i get excited for class. 

maybe these things are just absurdly shocking to me.

anyway. this song?  i just can't stop.


Sunday, August 14

copy. paste.

happy happy 2 months to my little twinsies! 
even though i thought there was nothing cuter on june 14, 
i've realized that you are ten times more darling now.
especially when you guys copy each other, mirror image style.

little z.

elle's roller coaster pose. already got herself a trademark move.
my job is done. for now.

i'll love you always, bogo babies.

 - your best (and only) auntie

Thursday, August 4

this week's survival kit:

i could (and often do) eat a bowl a day. 
sea salt is the key.

best friends.
the kind where you can pick up right where you left off at. even after weeks apart.
and if that mean taking a million and two ridiculous pictures, so be it.

is it weird that i have as much fun with her as i do a human? 
this captures our relationship with exactness. i love it lots.

you already knew that. but really. between work, school, additional nannying, and my other job called derek- i hardly have time to breathe lately.

in any and all forms. i just can't get enough.
and so i ate another just now.

- and last but definitely not least -

music of the 60s & 70s.
for the last few months, i've been overly obsessed with old music. this one is one of the favorites. 
i'm sure you've heard it too. its so good Target used it on a commercial.


Sunday, July 31

i'm baaaack!

hi. it's me. i don't know if you remember who i am or not. but i'm haylie. i own this here blog. and i'm supposed to post regularly. but i don't have a very exciting life. which is sucky, but i'm okay with it. 

remember that job i applied for? well i got it. so now i work 8-5 everyday. and you know what? being all adultish isn't all its cracked up to be. just early mornings and shopping in the 'career clothing' section at nordy's. yikes.

BUT, i have managed to attend every single twilight concert and have loved them with all of my heart. When Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros started playing their first song, i started to cry. not even ashamed. their music has been so close to me the past 2 years that it just hit me. and then when i was 5 feet away from Alexander, i about died. 'cept, crowd surfing and having my whole rear end out for the world to see slightly distracted me. 

other updates: my nieces still hold the title of cutest behbehs. my brother and i couldn't be closer, i don't think. derek and i are ridiculous. if it weren't for the insatiable addiction we have to one another, we'd probably try to be single. and last but not least, shark week started today! i hate them so much i love them. huh. that's kinda like clay and i. weird.

brother loves me. almost as much as he loves smiling in our pictures.

baby L & Z

we're so normal. AND good looking, might i add.