Sunday, July 31

i'm baaaack!

hi. it's me. i don't know if you remember who i am or not. but i'm haylie. i own this here blog. and i'm supposed to post regularly. but i don't have a very exciting life. which is sucky, but i'm okay with it. 

remember that job i applied for? well i got it. so now i work 8-5 everyday. and you know what? being all adultish isn't all its cracked up to be. just early mornings and shopping in the 'career clothing' section at nordy's. yikes.

BUT, i have managed to attend every single twilight concert and have loved them with all of my heart. When Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros started playing their first song, i started to cry. not even ashamed. their music has been so close to me the past 2 years that it just hit me. and then when i was 5 feet away from Alexander, i about died. 'cept, crowd surfing and having my whole rear end out for the world to see slightly distracted me. 

other updates: my nieces still hold the title of cutest behbehs. my brother and i couldn't be closer, i don't think. derek and i are ridiculous. if it weren't for the insatiable addiction we have to one another, we'd probably try to be single. and last but not least, shark week started today! i hate them so much i love them. huh. that's kinda like clay and i. weird.

brother loves me. almost as much as he loves smiling in our pictures.

baby L & Z

we're so normal. AND good looking, might i add.


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