Sunday, July 31

i'm baaaack!

hi. it's me. i don't know if you remember who i am or not. but i'm haylie. i own this here blog. and i'm supposed to post regularly. but i don't have a very exciting life. which is sucky, but i'm okay with it. 

remember that job i applied for? well i got it. so now i work 8-5 everyday. and you know what? being all adultish isn't all its cracked up to be. just early mornings and shopping in the 'career clothing' section at nordy's. yikes.

BUT, i have managed to attend every single twilight concert and have loved them with all of my heart. When Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros started playing their first song, i started to cry. not even ashamed. their music has been so close to me the past 2 years that it just hit me. and then when i was 5 feet away from Alexander, i about died. 'cept, crowd surfing and having my whole rear end out for the world to see slightly distracted me. 

other updates: my nieces still hold the title of cutest behbehs. my brother and i couldn't be closer, i don't think. derek and i are ridiculous. if it weren't for the insatiable addiction we have to one another, we'd probably try to be single. and last but not least, shark week started today! i hate them so much i love them. huh. that's kinda like clay and i. weird.

brother loves me. almost as much as he loves smiling in our pictures.

baby L & Z

we're so normal. AND good looking, might i add.


Wednesday, July 13

for heightened spirits, see below.

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you see?  there's no gettin' around it. i'm hilare.


Saturday, July 9

takes the cake.

of all the remixes of my already favorite song, 
i only love this one the most.

- haylie h.

Saturday, July 2

L I F E is a battlefield.

today i learned something. sometimes, you need to reach out to people before they ask for help. cause for some, asking for help is somewhere in between stubbing your toe and being in the woods with no toilet paper. and often times, you will know a person is in need but think 'hey, they see hundreds of cars passing by, they're bound to get money elsewhere' or ' this guy knows lots of people, it's not my responsibility to help him'. au contraire, mon frere. the fact that you even have to justify it might be your first prompting in the right direction. this sounds preachy. heaven knows i'm the last person to preach. but i just believe in being nice. sometimes, that is easier said than done. in fact, often its just hard as hell. like when you go shopping and the cashier girl starts giggling to your bf right in front of you as if you didn't exist. that's really hard. but, keep smiling and observe how boyfriend handles it, and before you know it. you like her. i mean, at least you know she has good taste in boys, right?  its all a mindset. sometimes when i'm driving in what i like to think of a 'little living room on wheels', i wonder where everyone else is going and what their life is like. after all, life is just a battle, and like any battle, it can't be won or done alone. 

good night my cute little friends. 

- h