Thursday, December 30


and so it begins.

can't wait !



lessons learned.

first off, i'd like to pay a little tribute to the boy. 
this last week was pretty rocky for us.
so for the sake of all 3 of my readers' lack of interest, i'll sum it up quickly:
a "friend" of ours divulged some information [blackmail, if you will] about myself from almost a year ago. 
i won't say who or what, but it  s h o o k  derek up. and rightfully so.
annnd we broke up. for a minute. 

i realize this is quite vague & broad. surprising, seeing as i'm an open book about my life, 
 but i just don't feel this one necessary to be shared with the world.
it has taught me a few lessons. 

lesson # 1
i am one lucky little girl. not even a week has passed, and sweet D has already forgiven & forgotten about it.  he is beyond his years in maturity when it comes to the forgiving thing. he never tries to get back or get even, he just tries to make things right. he doesn't give the silent treatment, he doesn't tell the world & he hardly gets bitter.  i say these things with surprise because i WOULD do all that & have in the past. i could def take a page out of his book.

lesson # 2:
mistakes are some of the best teachers. if you know me, you know i am of the most stubborn terrors known to man. if i'd like to argue that the sky is brown, i won't stop until someone agrees. ridiculous? you betcha. but from this, i've learned that sometimes being stubborn gets you nowhere. 
and when you openly accept your stupidity, it helps you rectify it & ensures it won't happen again.

lesson # 3:
after this dramatic series of events, i decided to settle down on the facebook world for a while. 1-because i was sad & didn't wanna change the whole relationship status stuff [derek ALWAYS makes fun of me, but really, that stuff is a big deal!] and 2- i just didn't want to have people asking me over & over the details of what happened. And so because of that, i've had a very peaceful week of not stalking. annd i've learned its rather refreshing to step out of the social networking world for a while.
but i asure you. i'll be back. 

lesson # 4:
 i didn't really learn this from the whole experience per se, but after writing lesson so many times, i've learned that its a really weird looking word. 
mmhmm. profound. 

annnywho. i really like Derek Killough. and i'm not even talking romantically, juuus as a best friend & a person in general :)


from juniors in high school to sophomores in college

umm i'd also like to make clear that i'm not trying to preach how perfect i think we are.

cuuus if you were around sometimes,  
you'd see several rolling of the eyes. catch us arguing about anything&everything. witness us swearin up a storm about how annoying the other is & most likely? you'd be surprised we even like each other. 

so charming.


Tuesday, December 28


 i wish i could blog about how entertaining my life is.
or the enumeration of exciting things i do.. but that is just not the case.
so i'll stick with the mundane parts, i suppose.

within the past 5 days, i've babysat for 8 different families. 
& within the past 35 hours, i've babysat 24
normal. or not.
buuut i'm really not complaining. its definitely not my first choice of entertainment, but i seem to get compensated very well. I kinda like the fact that people try to book me weeks in advance. & not to toot my own horn or anything, but dealing with kids just comes naturally. even 10 hour days like today don't overwhelm me. aside from waking up at 7. that's just not ever okay. 
i think it all started with my lovely mother who thought that "service babysitting" was a grand idea. so at 8, i was watching kids for hours with no pay. from then on, i was a babysitting machine. 
then, i started nannying. 6 days a week. for almost 2 years.
i fell in love with those kids. 
they live right across the street, so even when i wasn't nannying, i was seeing them. i grew quite attached, so i was extremely sad when i left for school because i thought they'd forget me, but sure enough, after a month, when i came back to watch them, they were elated. Anne Brady [20 months] alternated between holding my face, smiling & hugging me. Henry [4 years] just hung all over me. 
it was one of my happiest memories
annd did i mention that they are model children? absolutely stunning. 
i'm not quite sure why i've decided to share this story, but here are pictures of the cutest children you'll ever see.
 except for in
 ten years from now. mine will be pretty damn cute too :)

real eyes right here. no enhancements. 

such a little babe.

p r e c i o u s.

 baby AB & Hayy

3 loves.

couch torture. their fave game

zoooo day

passed out 2 seconds after i got her in the car seat

when its us 4, people think we're a lil family. i sorta love that :/

can you see my obsession?


Friday, December 17

hurr down 'er back.

 So between looking up facts about Utah &watching endless music videos,
i don't know what to do with myself now that school is over.
annnd cleeearly, inspiration is hard to come by as of late.

but, i like braids. so i shall blog.
riveting, right?

really though, they are adorable, timeless & versatile.
up-dos. little girls. runway. picnic. cashe. 
they fit right in wherever they may be.

wiiish my hair would do this for me.

absolutely love this one.

my braid headband. took like 2 seconds.

SO easy & quick, yet looks amazing.

my little braid fit the occasion for today, so i took a snapshot :)

hope you enjoyed & start braiding as well!

with love.

Wednesday, December 15

juuuust great.

This week i have..

cried to mom&dad.
slept through alarms.
received a parking ticket.
had the period from hell.
forgotten assignments.
been late to class.
b*tched at derek. a lot.
consumed a package of oreo's.
desperately emailed teachers.
been nauseous daily.
vented relentlessly to roomies.
found i have  $ -0.34 in my account.

yepp. i think its  f i n a l s.


Monday, December 13

a dose of happiness.

my blog is my journal. just a little more exciting & personalized, of course. 
therefore, like my tangible journal, i'm going to start posting the little things in life that make me smile. 
just a list of a few people, objects or subjects that deserve a shout-out of sorts. 
so here goes- my dose of happiness for the week  :)

- - -

old couples. awkward couples. opposite couples -- you name it. i LOVE seeing people in love. i really am obsessed. PDA? go for it. why not shout it to the world?  obviously,
 it can be taken too far, but do whatcha do.
 i honestly can't staaaand when people act like others are lesser because they want to advertise it. i mean for me, it still feels new & exhilarating.  that just might be love :)   anywho. when you see a boy who has that look in his eye, who can't stop kissing her, who has to be touching her, you just have to feel happy for them. if not? you must be the grinch of twitterpation. NOT OKAY.  
k these kids? just doesn't get cuter.

if you listen to crystal castles, you understand. Thanks to derek, who has the best & most eclectic taste in music, i was introduced to this years ago. I think its nostalgic mostly, cus its not that its, like, poppy music or anything, its just wayyy catchy. it took a while to get used to due to its slight morbid feel, but its some high quality music.  my favorites?  courtship dating. crimewave. vanished.  
Definitely worth a try.

i was able to go home for like a day & a half this weekend but it was worth all 9 hours of driving. 
my cute mom whipped up one of her usual creations, so my parents & derek and i sat down to a classy candle/ christmas light- lit dinner. D could not stop mentioning how cozy & homey our house is, what with my mama's knack at decorating, the smell of pumpkin bread & the usual happy, humble feeling of home. i think college was created to make you love your family more. not to learn or anything.

pure seduction. this smell pleases me immensely. its such a light & happy smell that whenever i catch a whiff of myself, i really just smile. twas the chosen perfume for my mehico outing, so that adds to its points quite a bit.

with love.

Wednesday, December 8

a much deserved A.

In English, I was told to write a formal persuasive letter to someone that WOULD be receiving it  via mail.  So, since i'm just a chatty kathy around Clay, he seemed the best person for the job. It may look long and intimidating, but its entertaining. promise.

Mr. Derek Clay Killough:
It has come to my attention that you will not be attending next semester at Dixie State College as planned and promised previously this year. This upsets the scheduling you know I rigorously undergo  and presents an issue for the relationship that we have worked on as a team for the past three years. I would also like to bring to your attention what a special young lady I happen to be, and therefore I am looking out for YOU, by requesting your presence immediately.
I realize you must lead your own life, my dear, but i do believe one would look at us as two peas in a pod. And what is a pea to do without her fellow pod mate? Living two minutes apart from one another has a much greater appeal than the 5 hours we are currently suffering, and that in and of itself should be argument enough. But if it doesn’t quite do the job for you, I feel much obliged to list reasons as to why I should be seeing you here, come January. Let’s start with the opposite sex, shall we?  They get awfully flirty down here in southern Utah and i’m most positive you don’t want a coy and clever southerner sweeping your sweetheart of her feet! Also, you’ve heard “out of sight, out of mind”. i know you don’t want to be at risk of being forgotten by my scattered self. Last but not least, as you’ve told me numerous times, “you're not content til by my side”. Self Explanatory. That  just about sums it up, my argument should be settled.
My conclusion to this matter is for you to forget all prior obligations, pack up and come live a blissful four months with your beloved. It would be greatly appreciated if you would comply without further ado. I trust this letter will catch wind as it slowly drifts to the ground, while you run to the top floor of your lonely and boring home in Draper to throw your belongings together to see me as soon as is possible. Until then, i'll be waiting. Impatiently. As always.
Thank you for your time. 
Your little darling.

with love.

Tuesday, December 7

easy as..


         .a. animals. apple Lappytop. anniversaries.              
                                                         .B. books. best friends. Bankie[baby blanket]. brothers.        
 .C. Christmas. chai. celly phone. coconuts. cupcakes.
                 .d. derekClay. dresses. dreams. diamonds.
                .E. energy drinks. earings. Elf.                .f. family. flowers. forever21.
  .g. ginnifer. gossipgirl.           .H. highHeels. headbands. hugs. h&m.
                             .i. ice cream. internet. inside jokes.              
.j. jewelry. juicy couture. journals.            .K. killoughs. kissing. kyky.                  
                        .L. laughter. lipgloss. laundry.  
                                         .m. mint green. madiJane. magazine runs.  midnights w/ liesje.
.N.  nail polish. nesquik. new york.        .o. olliePop.        .P. perfume. Pops. paris.                                                           
                .q. quotes. quality time. quilts.
  .r. ravioli. rain. roadtrips.        .S.siesta. sunshine. sweats. summer. singing.
    .t. twinny.  thunder. trees.        .U. utah. ultra-sounds[future career].  undies.     .v.victoriaSecret spray&lingerie :)         .w. warmth. words. water. watches.
      .X. xoxo       .Y. yard-sales. yoghurt.          &            .z zumba. 

juuust a lil list of things i love.

with love.

Sunday, December 5

je t'aime.

Biggest obsession?
city of love.
i love the language.
the people.
the landscapes. 
the culture.
and have i been there?
in my d r e a m s.

one day..
i'll be fluent. i'l kiss in the streets. i'll watch a sunset behind the eiffel tower.
i'll eat croissants at a street-side bistro. 
and i can't wait.

with love.

Friday, December 3

Last month of 2010.

This just happens to be the best month of the year.
its one full month focused on giving to others,
making people happy & being selfless.
not to mention the abundance of snuggling with hot chocolate,
kissing under mistletoe, pretty lights on trees, parties with friends & 
singing songs everyone knows.

i hope these pictures get you as excited as i am!


'Tis the season to be jolly :)

with love.

Thursday, December 2

truer words.

"I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world" 

Marilyn Monroe

truer words have never been spoken
i do believe this sums me up 100%

with love.

Sunday, November 28

Thankful Turkey.

its been a wonderful but busy week & 2 days i've spent up in salt lake,
& though i'm late, i still want to list a few of the many things i'm thankful for in life :)

extra large so they are readable :)

umm..cutest thing you've ever seen? yep.
thank sierra or siesta (according to her milk containers)
she put this up for us a few weeks ago and it has convinced me of a new tradition i will be starting annually.
seriously, not joking when i say i have the cutest roommates!!

in the year 2010, i am thankful for:
my family.
home cooked meals.
christmas decorations.
my car.
fresh laundry.
a home.
best friends.
family game night.
ollie baby.
big brothers.
homemade hot chocolate.
new clothes.
a good cry. 
snow(to look at from the inside).
living in a no snow climate.

Just to name a few from the top of my head.

with love.

Thursday, November 18


[please note: the straw]

Have you started your day out right?

with love.

Wednesday, November 17

Love birdss.


You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
-Dr. Seuss

I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world. 
i am in love.
treated like a princess.
by a boy with a heart of gold.
though we succumb to the fights and arguments of the average relationship, 
NOTHING could come between us. 
He is handsome as could be. 
and we live in our own world when we're together. 
i AM the luckiest girls in the world, 
cause i'm in love. 

with love.

Friday, November 12

Upon request :)


She's our little Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart of the house.
upon living at #9, she's whipped up homemade coconut cupcakes, peach pie, rosemary lemon chicken, whole bran muffins, and many more.
NOT to mention her uncanny ability to decorate. Our humble abode can be mostly attributed to her skill. 
Yes, it makes us less-than-creative specimens feel a little bit smaller [QUITE a feat for me :/ ]
But i can't say i mind.
 After all, thanks to Kylie Michelle Harrison, our apartment is the envy of the villas!
what with our NYC landscape, the curtains[may you rest in peace], the rugs, etc.
It just takes the cake when it comes to cute :)

As if i haven't named enough talents, Ky is incredible at sewing and clothing decor. 
She has THE CUTEST style, in which she puts together all herself.
My personal favorite is how she hand paints her sunglasses.
she is one of the most talented girls i know.

In conclusion she cooks, cleans, sews, decorates, bakes and atop of that, she is absolutely GORGEOUS.
Mr. Ra is a lucky new zealander ;)

with love.