Sunday, November 28

Thankful Turkey.

its been a wonderful but busy week & 2 days i've spent up in salt lake,
& though i'm late, i still want to list a few of the many things i'm thankful for in life :)

extra large so they are readable :)

umm..cutest thing you've ever seen? yep.
thank sierra or siesta (according to her milk containers)
she put this up for us a few weeks ago and it has convinced me of a new tradition i will be starting annually.
seriously, not joking when i say i have the cutest roommates!!

in the year 2010, i am thankful for:
my family.
home cooked meals.
christmas decorations.
my car.
fresh laundry.
a home.
best friends.
family game night.
ollie baby.
big brothers.
homemade hot chocolate.
new clothes.
a good cry. 
snow(to look at from the inside).
living in a no snow climate.

Just to name a few from the top of my head.

with love.

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